Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We're Closing Gitmo to Save the Taxpayer Money!

Team Obama has maxed out mommy's credit card and doesn't have the cash to purchase Thomson Correctional Center in Illinois. When approached with the idea of adding $200 million to the military appropriations bill to fund the endeavor, Congress balked.

The New York Times reports:

Still, it is not clear that Congress will be willing to approve money enabling the transfer of Guantánamo detainees to domestic soil — especially as the 2010 midterm election campaign heats up, with the likelihood that Republicans will pick up seats.

Incredible insight there on the part of Congress, no? I suspect they are starting to hear the American people and many of them know when they rubber stamp this Obamacare abomination, they are toast. Out. Now they are worrying about keeping their jobs.

The Times also reports this new rationale for closing Gitmo; the administration says that moving the detainees to Illinois will save the taxpayer money. No, really:

The White House has argued that closing Guantánamo would enhance national security by removing a symbol used by terrorist recruiters. It also said the closing would save taxpayers money because the Defense Department pays $150 million a year to operate the Guantánamo prison on the naval base there, while running the Illinois prison would cost $75 million.

You spend nearly $200 million to acquire a property you don't really need, and that saves money? Got it. And as to the operational costs, I'm supposed to believe it will cost $75 million annually to run Thomson because...they say so? Where will that savings come from? Cutting out those high caloric meals? The nutritionists? No more DirectTV? Cutting costs by not providing prayer rugs, oil, and copies of the Koran? Soccer balls? Maybe that's it.

Honestly, this administration's concept of saving money scares me to death.

I guess holding those civilian trials in New York City are supposed to save us money, too. So much cheaper than a military tribunal held at a facility where the defendant already is incarcerated and for a crime to which he has already confessed. No, I guess spending millions on security measures is also a cost-saving measure.

We're just to stupid to realize it.

I wish Obama would quit trying to help me and save me money.

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Red said...

We all know this isn't about saving us money. I just don't fathom the underlying agenda.Forgive me but is Alex Jones really on to something or what??

-The Reaganite Republican- said...

LOL- Merry Christmas to you and yours, Pat… and may 2010 bring us GOP majorities!

Your Ally,