Monday, December 7, 2009

SEALs Face Arraignment Today

The Navy SEALs charged for giving a terrorist a fat lip face their arraignment today.

Here's a segment from Virginia's WTKR-TV News:

Here is one petition of support for the SEALs.


G.R. said...

Funny, not much is heard from the left when terrorists use a knife to saw off the head of an American. But to bust the lip of a terrorist? OMG! What brutes!

yukio ngaby said...

This whole thing is disgrace-- the issue not the post. I honestly cannot believe that this is nonsense is happening.

Red said...

This is either complete moo moo poo poo or we're not being told something.

Chris M. said...

It is classic Obamavision. An administration and a political party dedicated to making the US look as bad as possible. And I'm sure that it is all fueled by Obama. the Move-on people, kossacks, Code Pinks and various other Democrats having severe unresolved issues with their parents.