Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Quick Links

I'm in a rush this morning, but here are a couple of good quick reads:

American Thinker on the Kevin Jennings story. Will it break into the mainstream media? Honestly, every parent in America ought to be outraged, and most would be if they only knew about this.

A most excellent piece by Victor Davis Hanson on Obama's Wheel of Fortune:

"But then Obama learned that — unlike professors, stockbrokers, lawyers, and teachers — the likes of Ahmadinejad and Putin did not care about his Kenyan father. They had not read his Dreams from My Father. Their names are even more exotic than his. Instead such thugs interpret his showy magnanimity as innate weakness, and men like these will manipulate it rather than show deference."

Charles Krauthammer on "The New Socialism" - what's REALLY going on in Copenhagen?

Peggy Noonan worries that nobody likes Obama. How to make him "likeable," she frets. Good grief. Give it up, Peggy.


G.R. said...

As far as Obama learning that most people don't care about his personal life. Good grief, the man is 48 years old. I learned when I was young teenager that the average person didn't care about what when on in my personal life.

Mr. Krauthammer, I too believe there is, and has been for a long time, the making of new world order.

Ms Noonan, no matter how much sugar you sprinkle on a turd, it's a turd.

Red said...

re: Noonan -- What G.R. said.
Hi Pat! Merry Christmas!