Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Quick Links

Maybe it's the season, but I've been snowed under lately and on the go. I'll get caught up and back to regular blogging shortly, but meanwhile, here are a couple of interesting reads for you:

Matthew Vadum scoffs and dissects the Harshbarger report which found no "pattern of intentional, illegal conduct by ACORN staff." Simply incredible, no? Anyone who saw those videos knows better. We need a review of the review! Don't miss Vadum's takedown.

TMZ is keeping up to date on the breaking news on the Tiger story this morning. All I'm going to say at this point is that speculation is dangerous. Not that TMZ is doing that, but I checked Twitter shortly after I heard that a rescue call had been made, and they already had Elin Woods overdosed and worse. Speculation is not a good thing, folks; at least, not in this case.

If you just can't get enough Tiger, Eugene Robinson spins a column out of the scandal, saying throughout the column that he isn't going to judge, we shouldn't waste time talking about it, and then spends his whole column talking about it, passing judgment in the end.

Memeorandum is all abuzz about the potential expansion of Medicare as an "alternative" to the public option, which theoretically, would give you the option to buy into the same sort of plan that Congress has. Maybe I'm naive, but shouldn't these details already be worked out before we get this far? Why does it seem like this is being done in a slap-dash fashion? Amateurs. Ineptitude.

Via The Dead Pelican, Mitch Landrieu is entering the New Orleans mayor's race.

Sam Tanenhaus at The New Yorker has a review (?) of Sarah Palin's Going Rouge, who concludes that "she is a party unto herself." Okay.

I'll try to finish grading research papers and decorating the Christmas tree and take better care of my blog this afternoon! Until then, hold down the fort.

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Boy, this Tiger story is getting out of control