Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Can't Eat Crab Claws This Weekend! I've Got to Bankrupt the Country!

Via The Dead Pelican, Harry Reid, master of diplomacy, has canceled his New Orleans "Saturday brunch" fundraiser scheduled for this weekend.

Somehow, that made me giggle. Harry "nothing-can-be-more-important-than-passing-health-care-legislation" Reid backs out of his fundraiser with James Carville and Mary Landrieu which has been scheduled for weeks. Reid was all set to call a weekend recess until the Republicans called him out on his hypocrisy.

According to The Hill, Reid at first whined a little bit about people "trying to denigrate" him, but then:

"Reid said he would never admonish a fellow senator for holding a fundraiser. 'I would never, ever intentionally come to the floor and try to talk to somebody about having had a fundraiser and that's why they’re trying to get out of here,' he said. About taking the weekend off, Reid added, 'I thought it would be appropriate because we've worked pretty hard here to have a day or two off.'"

So I guess if John Boehner or Mitch McConnell had wanted to take the weekend off to go to a fundraiser, ahem, I mean, because they'd "been working so hard", it would have been cool with Reid? Would he have called a weekend recess for them?

Who is Reid fooling, anyway? He wanted a weekend off because they've "worked pretty hard"? Seriously? It had nothing to do with his scheduled fundraiser? Uh, okay.

But it's crazy because, my goodness, you know, from an organizers standpoint, I'm thinking of all the planning and preparation down the tubes! If I'm planning a big-shot brunch in New Orleans, I've ordered seafood, got a nice chef lined up, ordered flowers, caterers, decorators, valets, and other assorted staff.

Hold the phone! We've got to bankrupt the country this weekend! I can't go to any brunch! I've got to pass a bill that cuts Medicare and kills jobs! I've got to pass a mandate for every person in the country to purchase health insurance or else they face jail time! I can't be bothered with eating marinated crab claws right now!

This was a lose/lose call for Reid. But he ought to be accustomed to that.

Ah, the audacity of Harry Reid. He could almost teach Obama a thing or two.


G.R. said...

This just shows that a hypocrite got caught.

This man is, along with Obama and Pelosi makes up the Three Stooges.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great title, linked at LCR.