Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obama is "Hard at Work" in Hawaii

Politico is under the impression that Obama is "hard at work" in Hawaii:

Many signs indicate that while President Obama is enjoying the sun and the tennis courts, he’s still hard at work in Hawaii. After Obama spoke about the terror attempt on Christmas and violence in Iran, the White House sent a news release saying that he had signed three bills into law, including H.R. 4314, which raises the debt ceiling from $12.104 trillion to $12.394 trillion.

I would go out on a limb here and say that's not really the impression that the American public has of Obama's vacation. "Hard at work"? I don't think so. He's hard at work on his golf game and little else.

Yes, he interrupted his vacation schedule to speak on a terror attack on our country and he briefly addressed the Iranian protests. He couldn't be bothered to put on a tie or look presidential for the occasion, but that's all part of his uber-cool, low-key style, right? I know it's Hawaii, and I know he's on vacation, but is it too much to ask that he at least look the part when he stands before the American people, and the world, to make such an anticipated and important statement? Make an effort?

To be fair, there were press conferences from Crawford where Bush didn't wear a tie. The argument isn't whether or not Obama wears a tie to a press conference, really, but appearing presidential at a time of such national importance. And I'd have said the same thing about Bush if he'd done it. Bush was accused of being "a cowboy" whenever he went to Crawford. But the press doesn't have the same criticism for Obama in Hawaii because he's cool. Hip.

As far as signing three bills into law, how hard can that be? He's probably pretty adept at signing his name.

Jim Hoft nailed it for me this morning when he recalled Obama's January statement that "everybody's gonna have to have some skin in the game." Everyone will have to sacrifice for the greater good. Everyone but Obama, that is.

I don't begrudge the man a vacation. Really, I don't. I always thought it was silly when people criticized George Bush for going to Crawford, Texas. But as nice as Bush's Crawford ranch might have been, it's not the luxurious rented pad that the Obamas are occupying in Hawaii. It's not even the cost of the vacation that bothers me. I don't care if Michelle wears $635 shoes to dinner or $540 tennis shoes to a food bank. She and her tacky plastic belts interest me less than none at all.

What is disconcerting is the images of Iranians protesting for freedom against an illegitimate government, dying in the streets for their freedom, while Obama searches for his golf ball amongst the palm trees. A Nigerian man with terrorist ties to al-Qaeda tries to blow up a plane in Detroit, kill Americans and announces there are more like him coming, and Obama goes out to dinner with friends.

It took him two days to make a statement on either.

Some skin in the game? Sacrifice? I don't think Obama has a clue what that even means. Working hard on vacation? Nah. I don't think so.


jasperjava said...

Yeah, we know your type. Obama is Black, therefore he can't possibly do anything right.

Pat Austin said...

He hasn't done much right but it has nothing to do with his race. Jimmy Carter didn't do much right, either. Only a liberal would try to assert such a thing.

Red said...

I've been to Oahu. One doesn't work hard while in Oahu unless one actually lives in Oahu and has a job in the service industry.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah.

Bush took something like 900 vacation days in 8 years. It was crazy.

Obama took his family to his childhood home for Christmas Day. Yes, it was in Hawaii, which is still the US of A last time I checked. Pearl Harbor ring a bell?

And yes, the First Lady owns some nice shoes and the President didn't wear a tie the other day.

Not quite the same thing as 900 vacation days. Just sayin'.

Conservative Anonymous said...

No wonder most people on the left think they win all debates. They either throw race into the equation or their points are so ludicrous that rational thinking conservatives can't lower themselves that deep into the Abyss of Stupidity.

yukio ngaby said...

@ jasperjava

"Yeah, we know your type."

I love watching you stereotype as you accuse others of stereotyping. Unintentional hypocrisy is so very funny... and a point of pride for so many it seems.

Why don't you go ahead and have the courage to describe what "type" the blog author is and how you know this about her. Oh, please enlighten us all...