Monday, December 21, 2009

Team Obama Releases Terrorists to Non-Existent Country.

Both Hot Air and The Weekly Standard are reporting that last week's
release of Gitmo detainees included not only the six to Yemen but also
four to Afghanistan and two to Somaliland, a country with which we
have no relations. It really isn't even a country but is a breakaway
piece of Somalia.

Just incredible.

At what point does this become treason? Aiding and abetting the enemy?

Why don't we just build Bin Laden a palace in the desert and fly him
over on Air Force One? Hand him the keys to a nuclear power plant?

If this administration was to set out on a course to deliberately
destroy this country, through both national security and domestic
policies, I can't imagine what they would do differently.

(Links added later - can't do that on my phone.)


Red said...

I'll pas along a nugget of wisdom passed on to me from my Dad,"Keep your powder dry".

Red said...

Ho-ho-ho! You've been totally linked!

G.R. said...

So what if Somaliland isn't a real country?
As of January 20, 2009, the United States stopped existing as a democratic republic and became a banana republic with a two-bit dictator with rubber stamp congress.