Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Border Violence and DOJ Attacks Arizona

Obama says our border with Mexico "is as safe as its ever been," but that's apparently not saying much.

The AP reports of a shootout that left 21 dead and six wounded last Thursday just 12 miles south of the Arizona border near Nogales, Mexico.  Nogales has had 131 murders this year, already closing in on their number of 135 for last year.

Other border cities are seeing the same thing.

Ciudad Juarez had 2,600 murders last year.

Despite the contention in the article that the violence has not spilled over the border one has to assume it's a matter of time.  One only need look at the murder of rancher Rob Krentz to conclude that violence has already crossed the border..  An illegal immigrant was suspected because Krentz told his brother he had spotted an illegal on his property.  When Krentz didn't show up shortly after for a noon meeting with his brother the alarm was sounded.

Meanwhile, Eric Holder's Justice Department is filing suit today against Arizona's tough immigration law on the premise that federal law trumps state statutes.

William Teach has some words on that rationale:

Just because Los Federales make a law, doesn’t mean it is supreme. Furthermore, there are two ways to look at the supremacy clause, one which is that there is no reason why the States can’t take a federal law and make it stronger, which is what Arizona did. Furthermore, the clause says that the laws made must be in line with what the Constitution allows the federal government to enact, but, that is a separate subject (health insurance mandate, anyone?).

This coupled with Obama's recent statement that the borders "are just too vast" to be protected by fences and the border patrol give one cause for concern.

The administration's abuse of Arizona coupled with it's abuse of the entire Gulf region over the past 78 days makes Obama's pledge to "bring the country together" just ridiculous.  And dangerous.


Red said...

Obama's tells are easy to spot now. When he says one thing you know the opposite is happening.

Anonymous said...

I think many US citizens don't quite understand what Arizona is dealing with. If you have a ranch within 30 miles of the border, there's a 50% chance every day, when you go to your barn in the morning, there will be people sleeping or resting in it, people you don't know and who don't speak your language. When you check your fences, they'll be cut. Repair the fences and the next day, they'll be cut again. There will be litter across your ranch, back packs, wrappers, empty water bottles.

At night, you will hear and see people as you work on your ranch, day and night. People you don't know, who are trespassing.

Before the crazy explosion of violence in Mexico, there was a good chance the people you came across were harmless. Now, who knows.

Imagine that every night, there are people in your backyard who climbed over your fence. Now and then you hear them and sometimes you run into them. Sometimes all you find is their trash. You call the police (the Federal Government) and they ask you if you have been hurt or attacked. You answer, "no, not yet" and they respond, "Then what are you complaining about? Obviously, your yard is secure. In fact, our statistics show that crime is down in your neighborhood".

Now imagine the same scenario except your neighbor and his family are murdered. You become more worried and call the Feds again. What's their response? "Have you or your family been murdered??" You answer, "No, not yet" and they respond, "Then what are you worried about? Obviously, this violence in your neighbor's yard is not affecting your yard".

In Arizona, the Federal government has put up signs, 80 miles north of the border, warning to not go hunting or camping in the area because of armed smugglers. Is that a secure border??