Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not Every Post is About Politics

As you probably know, if you visit this blog often, I've been hospital sitting with my mom who took a 3 foot tumble off her front porch Saturday into the flower bed.   I haven't done much hospital sitting since my Dad died 20 years ago but, wow!, it's a whole different world.  You lose track of EVERYthing in the hospital.

Let me just say, I love my mom, but she'll never win the "Patient of the Year" award.  She's ticked off, cranky, and ready to come home despite her paralyzing pain when she tries to get up or sit down.  She wants her cigarettes and she wants her cocktail and she wants to go home.

I can hardly blame her.

Steve and I try not to laugh, but it's funny to see how many different excuses she comes up with as to why she needs to go home:  she needs her cigarettes, "I have a heating pad at HOME", or an electric blanket; "the light isn't good here" and she can't see her puzzles; the people are mean, she wants to brush her teeth, she needs some Anacin and they won't let her have any (because aspirin is so much better than Lortab),  she needs her clipboard and her pencils for her crossword because these pencils aren't any good; they don't have Heath bars there, and she's cold.  Or hot.  They ask too many questions and they all ask the same questions.  She's never seen a doctor - "Do they HAVE doctors in this hospital?"  and the food is, of course, inedible. 

She's really a nice southern lady but this week she's cussed out almost every one on the fifth floor of Willis Knighton hospital (but then apologized), she refused to let them do an MRI today, which means she'll probably have to stay another day, she's fought every physical therapist they've sent through the door and, well, it goes on.  And despite it all, they've been totally sweet and patient with her. Kudos to the WK staff; they've got more patience than I have.

My sister will be here from Dallas tomorrow which will be a help.

I have not read one word about politics in two days but there are lots of blogs over there on the right sidebar who have been keeping up with things.  I did hear something about the cap working in the Gulf this we just hope the ocean floor doesn't blow up.  Fingers crossed.

I'll link to Bride of Rove, though, because she has a diabolical plan and she cracks me up.

Bristol and Levi?  Could not care less.  Although I will say that my mom saw that little blurb in the USA Today this morning and said, "Oh good grief, her mother can FORGET running for office...".

I'm not even going to get myself up to date on politics tonight;  I have three blogs I'm going to check from my sidebar and then I'm going to pet my dogs, open a Sam Adams, and read a book.  Have you ever been so tired you're numb all over?  That's me.



Sandy said...

I feel your pain and can totally identify!!!!!

LL said...

I've been through this sort of experience with my Mom. Sorry for the situation.

Adrienne said...

Your Mom sounds like my kinda lady! Take no prisoners. You're a saint!

Get your Mom an electronic cigarette. She can "smoke" that in the hospital and it would sure help her healing and health if she switched completely to e-cigs.

My hubby and I haven't had a regular cig in about two months.

sheryl said...

i keep thinking of daddy a little over 2 years ago. it breaks my heart you are going through this. the last time daddy went to the hospital by ambulance from the nursing home, the emt's were trying to get vitals. daddy kept jerking and the emt couldn't get his blood pressure. the emt was so patient. he kept calling daddy buddy and kept trying and trying until he got it. i struggled not to cry watching the man who was always strong and hard working lying helpless and unable to hold still long enough for the emt to get his b.p. i told the emt that this was making me a fan of having an instant quick heart attack. old age sucks!

hope your mom comes home soon. she sounds too full of sass to be kept down long!

Anonymous said...

I hope she makes a speedy recovery. I too hate hospitals.

Lynn said...

When my sweet southern mother got sick, she turned into another person. lol And I will not even mention how my southern gentleman father was. Yikes!

Florida Girl said...

I hope your mom is better Pat. I can totally relate to you, that is why I read your blog. I too had a graduate this year. It was my first and he goes off to college soon. That started my fantastic summer. My mother-in-law had an extremely difficult surgery three weeks ago and will probably spend the rest of the summer in the rehab hospital, so I know about hospital sitting. I am sure this is not how you planned your summer either. Hope you get a break. I don't know what it is about hospitals, but I feel like I have worked eighty hours when I come home at night and then the home life is there to stare me in the face. We miss your posts. I was keeping up with the oil spill data from your end of the Gulf before we ever saw any of the oil. God Speed to all of the recoveries for families and communities.

Fenway_Nation said...

Sounds like wuite the live wire. You've earned that Sam Adams!

*raises my own*