Thursday, July 22, 2010

They Packed the Cajundome

The Cajundome was packed yesterday for a rally against the moratorium.  The Advertiser estimates 11,000 people were there.

WWLTV reports:

Thousands stood in silence as the names of the victims of the Deepwater Horizon explosion appeared on the stadium's big screens. But they were rarely silent after that -- cheering every statement against the moratorium. 

Sometimes it seems we forget that eleven people lost their lives when this all started.

The Advertiser reports:

"This moratorium will turn Louisiana into a state of bankrupt businesses," Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said."It will cripple the economy of a state that has come back after Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike. And we can't afford to be crippled again."
There were workers of all kinds and all walks of life there to protest the loss of their way of life.   Plate technicians, oil rig workers, lawn service guys, McDonald's workers, helicopter operators, insurance agents, you name it.  Every single soul in Louisiana is detrimentally affected by this ban on drilling.

And via Hot Air, here's Bobby Jindal:

I'll say it for the thousandth time:  the moratorium makes no sense.  When an accident occurs in any other industry you haven't seen Washington rush in and shut them down.  Bride of Rove has a post on Obama's "trigger finger" and rush to judgment.  The same scenario applies here.  He didn't think this through before he imposed it....or maybe he did.  Which makes his destruction of the State of Louisiana intentional.

Maybe Jindal's right.  Maybe it IS a war.


lady di said...

thanks for this post as I did not see this story covered by the media.

Red said...

Speaking of knee-jerk responses, rushes to judgment, and quick fixes...

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