Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Steve Gets a New Phone

Steve finally ditched his antique Nokia flip-phone for a Blackberry Bold.  He hates it.  He can't make the ring tone loud enough, the text or email underlines everything, and he's not all that sure about the alarm clock. 

Anybody have one?  Any tips or encouragement for him? 

I have an iPhone, so I'm not any help.


OldSouth said...

Ditch it. It's useless.

Lynn said...

Can't offer any tips 'cause I'm hanging onto my old phone, a flip top which is really "new" to me. I've yet to read the instructions on how to take a picture.

Steve has my sympathy.

Chris Wysocki said...

I have the Blackberry 9700. It is far and away the best phone I have ever owned.

Email or FB me. Maybe I can help Steve solve some of his problems.