Monday, July 12, 2010

Outrage of the Day: Another Moratorium

Senator David Vitter says it best:  Team Obama is "declaring war on Louisiana's economy."

Vitter issued a press release today saying,

After months of indecision and lack of focus, the Obama administration has finally taken my advice and started treating the oil spill response like a war.  Unfortunately, they're declaring war on Louisiana's economy.  Today, nearly three months after the oil spill began, the president's oil spill commission finally held its first meeting.  But commission members have made it clear that they will defer to the Interior Department's own agenda and have no intention of addressing the deepwater drilling moratorium that's killing thousands of jobs in our state."

Now the administration has issued a new moratorium through "November 30 or until such time as Salazar deems that drilling can move forward safely." 

Meanwhile, the exodus has already begun.  Diamond Offshore Drilling is pulling out and moving their rig to Egypt. 

Let's be clear about what Obama is doing.  He doesn't give a damn about the Louisiana marshland or environment.  He doesn't care about our economy down here, either.  He has a political agenda and he means to keep it.  It's not just the people on the rigs that lose jobs.  All the related service industries, restaurants, supply companies, hotels, tourist industries,fishermen, all of it.  Everything.  Gone.  Going.  Over.

The moratorium makes no sense;  you do NOT punish an entire industry for an error in judgment or a mistake by one operator.  That's just stupid.

If he's all of a sudden worried about safety issues, future spills, and the environment, you can do those studies without shutting everything down. 

Given that rationale, I want him to shut down all gun manufacturers the next time someone gets shot, close down all the coal mines next time there's a cave in or accident, next time someone has a car wreck, stop the auto industry until we figure out how to make driving a car "completely safe."  The next airplane crash?  I expect all planes to be grounded.  The next chemical spill on an interstate?  Shut down those 18-wheelers.  The next time lighting strikes through someone's house and fries all their electronics?  Shut down all the home builders until there are lightning rods on every house.

The man is certifiable.  If anyone on the Gulf coast EVER votes for this man again, shame, shame on you.

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Red said...

If anyone on the gulf coast ever votes for Obamhole or any of his minions they better be packing their bags and moving up north. Damn carpet baggers. Obama has declared war on the south to a)prove his political point with his green energy initiative and b) probably to get back at the south for slavery. It sounds far fetched but think about it. The man mirrors Lincoln in that aspect. His only aim was to kill the southern economy in order to win the war. This acting president is a bastard.

Fenway_Nation said...

Outrage....yes? Surprise? No.

Wonder how many cars there are with 'Sportsman's Paradse' plates sporting 0bama/Biden now versus three months ago.

Also- Red, there's talk circulating that the rigs won't wait around for the moratorium to be lifted....with some of them sailing off to help Petrobras start drilling in the Campos Basin off Brazil's coast.

And by sheer happenstance, George Soros just happens to be heavily invested in PetroBras.....