Friday, July 9, 2010

Senator Vitter Gets a Challenger UPDATED

Via The Dead Pelican, news that Senator David Vitter has picked up a little known Republican challenger for his Senate seat which will force an August primary.

Vitter has been trouncing Democratic challenger Charlie Melancon in the polls.

Nick Accardo, an orthopedic surgeon from Franklin, says:

"He's ineffective as far as really representing Louisiana...We need someone the rest of the Congress holds in better esteem.  We need some grown-ups."

Accardo has previously run for the U.S. Senate in 1990 as a Democrat, 1992 as a Democrat and 1996 as an Independent.  In 1994 he ran for the House of Representatives as an Independent.  He didn't fare too well in any of those races, so I don't think Senator Vitter has too much to worry about.

As of right now, there is no campaign website or Facebook site for him, but we'll keep an eye open and see what his platform is, other than "we need grown-ups".

Update:  By the end of qualifying yesterday, Senator Vitter had drawn 16 challengers.  Most are unknown but one could be considered more of a challenge:  former Louisiana Supreme Court justice Chet Traylor.  The Advertiser has the story.


Red said...

He could be put into play to break up the Republican vote so Melancon will have a fighting chance at the polls.

Jim said...

Traylor is pretty close to some heavyweight conservatives (example LABI) and is being put forward at the urging of Republicans who really do believe in 'traditional values', not just in talking about them.