Saturday, July 10, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around - Another Rainy Saturday Edition

It rained last night and is still gray and overcast this morning.  Everything is damp or wet outside and it looks like a great morning to sleep late, which I, obviously, am not doing. I was going to get up and do the yard this morning but that's not going to happen.

I have four more weeks of summer vacation before it's back to work; it goes by way too fast!  I had this huge list of things to accomplish over the summer and I haven't done everything yet.  I need to get busy!  This August will begin my 15th year in the classroom; and, for the fourth time in nine years at my current school, I'll be moving to a new classroom.  That means I'll have to spend a couple of days up at the school in the weeks ahead moving stuff and getting my new room ready. 

But that's for later.  Today is a lazy day and I'm going to savor the last few days of summer before it's all over.  Not thinking about work today.  On to the links.

Lots of folks are blogging about the new "One Nation" party, the left's answer to the Tea Party.  They tried that with the "Coffee Party" a while back and it didn't work either.  Left Coast Rebel calls it absurd, Gateway Pundit and Pirate's Cove call it astroturfing, and Althouse calls it a cry for attention.

Stacy McCain has a nice post on criminals and patterns as it relates to the "Grim Sleeper" case in LA.

Fishersville Mike scoffs at Obama's suggestion that Israelis dislike his middle name.

No Sheeples Here is dealing with a heat wave...did you know that sheep can swim?

Bob at Camp of the Saints is feeling the heatwave too.

Reaganite Republican posted on the court's rejection of Team Obama's moratorium.

American Power has a report on the Arizona border.

Red had a birthday this week!  Lovely cake!  Happy birthday, Red!

Doug Ross suggests Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been a TEA Party activist.

Obi's Sister is feeling some sputtering outrage.

Speaking of outrage, WyBlog informs that the Green Police will fine you in NYC if you leave your shop door open with the AC on.  Crazy.

Legal Insurrection points out that Sharron Angle can indeed defeat Harry Reid.

Ruby Slippers has a report on the Carville poll that everyone's been talking about.

Pundette found a spot-on quote from Michael Graham.

Bliss had a fun post this week about Fat Elvis and puppies.  Well, something like that.

And finally, Bride of Rove is working on her roundup and expresses awe at Obama's power to control the press.  Not admiration, just awe. 

I'm going to head off now and do some house stuff.  Maybe take a nap.  It's a lazy day here.  Stay in touch!


Red said...

Thanks! Good cake, good times ;-) Got you linked on last night's Rule 2.

Obi's Sister said...

Thanks for the link! This morning put up another.

I wish it would rain here. It's like living in a microwave.

Bob Belvedere said...

We just got some of that rain up here in the Nor'East, complete with flash flood warnings. It's caused the temp to go down a bit, but the humidity got worse...uggh...this calls for some borubon. I'll have one for you Pat in honor of your generous linky love. If we ever meet, the Sam Adams is on me [and literally will be after I've had a few].

Anonymous said...

Good roundup