Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Don't Piss Down My Back and Tell Me It's Raining"

Obama's numbers, for whatever it's worth, are in the cellar as they have been for much of his presidency.  I'm at a loss to understand how anyone at all still supports him, but I know some who do.

I don't think the nonchalant way he handled the BP oil spill helped his standing any.  It's not that anyone expected him to "suck it up with a straw" or personally invent the engineering miracle that would cap the well, but he displayed a total lack of leadership over the whole thing.

I don't think that this latest round of vacations will help his standing either.  As conservatives point out that the Obama family will be taking three vacations in August, the liberals will point backwards to all the times George W. Bush went to Crawford or took a vacation.  They'll say that it doesn't matter where the president is, he is always at work.

I disagree.  This president has tossed public perception to the wind in an "in your face" attitude with expensive date nights, parties, bar-b-ques, picnics, concerts at the White House, and a steady stream of vacations getaways.  Golf every weekend.

Then he has the nerve to say, "So important to Michelle and myself is we're just not that far removed from what most Americans are going through."

"...not that far..."  Pretty far, dude; pretty far.

In context, he's lamenting the hit his investment accounts have taken, as well as that of his mother-in-law.  He's explaining that he feels your pain in watching your accounts dwindle.

Meanwhile, he's planning on spending some ten days in Martha's Vineyard next month, following a weekend stay on Florida's Gulf coast.  Add to that Michelle's trip to Spain where she has reserved thirty rooms in a five star hotel.  Columnist Lynn Sweet wants you to know, however, that "Mrs. Obama always flies on a U.S. government plane; she pays personal expenses herself. Her friends are not flying with her. She will travel with 'minimal' staff." 

I don't begrudge the Obamas a vacation; seriously, I don't.  But don't tell me you feel my pain when you're reserving thirty rooms in Spain in a five-star hotel.  I'm not buying it.  Don't tell me you understand my suffering when you're sitting out on Martha's Vineyard for ten days on a 28-acre estate

If the Obamas want to live like royalty and let the little man eat cake, so be it.  November 2012 is coming.  But just don't expect me to believe that he actually feels my pain.  He has no idea.

As the famous line says, "Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining."  I'm not buying it.


Lynn said...

I almost choked when reading zero's comment about not being that much different than the rest of us as we see our investment dollars dwindle. Just about every law/action he's pushed has guaranteed dwindling dollars. Meanwhile, he's living it up as no other president has ever done.

Red said...

He's no Clinton. Not that I ever bought what Clinton said but at least that man could sell it.

LL said...

barack hussein obama is contemptible in all he does and says and that's the issue, isn't it? Red is quite correct in that I never thought I'd yearn for the return of Bill Clinton. And it's not that Bill just "sold it". Bill wasn't a communist.

Laurence L. said...

Spain +30 rooms, well she's doing her part to bolster that far left wing socialist country's economy. Martha's Vineyard + sailing with the Kennedy's on their yacht(s)is helping the far left wing Massachusetts economy, tho I wonder if they get to go aboard as guests or deckhands? Obie doesn't make a move without calling Uncle Bill.

His duplicitous lies on camera continue, but what to expect, if you consider that BHO isn't a socialist, he's a fascist. That's what his Muslim religion teaches, and we are all Infidels who must convert or die.

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