Monday, July 26, 2010

A Little News Round Up

Over the past two weeks, as I've been getting my mom in and out of hospitals, I've fallen out of the loop in the political world.  It happens so fast!  You read and try to keep up, but it's difficult to be as thorough as you are when you're posting everyday when you have so much else going on.  So, this morning I'm trying to get caught up on things and have just a few random comments.  Then I'm off to the school for a couple of hours to move my classroom, thereby leaving the rest of my week school-free.

On the WikiLeaks story:  I think the New York Times is despicable.  Sweetness & Light has a great post on this story which sums up pretty much where I am with it.    If you look at Memeorandum, everybody and his brother has already commented on it, of course, and so I don't have much to add.  Weekly Standard and Hot Air both are of the mind that the publication of the documents don't really reveal anything new, and this may be true, but that's almost not even the point.

The point to me is, where does the NYT decide not to publish something with regard to national security?  Would they have published top secret information?  I think we all know the answer to that.  Professor Glenn Reynolds points out that the White House condemns the report, but he says:

"They could be disinformation from people who don’t like the United States — or they could be disinformation from U.S. intelligence agencies. Who knows?"



I'm tired of the Shirley Sherrod story.

In the Arizona primary, John McCain has opened a rather large 20-point lead against his opponent, J. D. Hayworth.

And oh dear Lord, can you hardly wait to set your DVR for Obama's appearance on The View?  What a fawning load of saccharine blather that will be.  God help us.  He doesn't have anything else to do that day?  Seriously?

The cleanup in the Gulf continues now that Bonnie has fizzled out.  People are anxious for their communities and beaches to be cleaned up but tensions are high, as reported by this story.  The whole stranger in town scenario has locals tense.  Hell, the entire situation has people tense.  People are out of work because of the moratorium and the spill, money is tight, livelihoods are threatened; yes, I'd say tensions are high down on the coast.

Louisiana lawmakers are banding together to get the moratorium lifted, but they're wasting their time.  Obama hates us.  He doesn't care.

Speaking of the Gulf coast, I'm reminded to note that I tried Tina's shrimp cocktail recipe last night:  delicious!  Absolutely great!  Perfect for a hot summer day!  I cut it in half because I was using it as a side to grilled steaks, but man was it good!

I'm off to the school now for a couple of hours.  Steve and I are slipping out of town to spend the night in Natchitoches one night this week, and we're off to Minden tomorrow to visit Milly Rose and her little dogs.  Expect travelogues this week!

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OOo! Have fun visiting Millie Rose. She has a neat shop!