Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yep.  Today I feel like a little grit.  Small, fragmented, and a little yellow.  Maybe a little mushy.

Today actually went a little better than yesterday, or the day before, but it all just accumulates and hangs on you.  Soon, we'll have things settled and under control.

The quick version (ha!  get it?  Quck Grits!)  is that they did the lower scope today and mom looks good, just some diverticulosis.  Nothing they can do about that.  We're getting the paperwork handled to get her out to The Glen for some inpatient rehab to build her strength back up and rehab those sore muscles from her fall last week.  Her best friend is out there and they are both kind of looking forward to being together!  I just got off the phone with said friend who is tickled to learn mom is coming out there;  she said, "We're going to parrrttyy!!"  Heh!

Lifelong friends are great!

Anyway, I've been sitting and talking to doctors and social workers and nurses and handling paperwork and business matters all day, but there's a little glimmer at the end of the tunnel.

So today, I'm a grit.


Jazz One said...

True grit.

Bob Belvedere said...

1) I second Jazz One's motion.

2) My eighty-five year old father has had diverticulosis for about ten years now. It was a little tricky for him at first, getting used to the diet and all, but he did settle into it and now it's actually lessened. [The 'no corn' part was the killer for him.]

3) I always like to remember the words of my fictional hero, Tony Baretta: You gotta keep on strokin'.

Fenway_Nation said...

I swear to god, I thought that was gold dust or gold flakes......but maybe that's because I was posting an article on gold dealers.

I remember grits from when I was stationed in Georgia. Had to add sugar.....lots of sugar to make it palatable.

Glad you're getting some good news, at least- even if there's been a bunch of bad news heaped atop it.

Lynn said...

How neat for your mom to be with a good friend. They will be girls again. :D

BTW, my favorite breakfast consists of grits loaded with butter and salt and pepper, fried eggs, and deer meat sausage. Ummmm, heavenly.

Andy said...

I read this yesterday, but waited to check in to see if anyone made the reference to "True Grit."

Sure enough someone did. Keep your chin up, kiddo. In our thoughts and prayers.