Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heading to Natchitoches

We're headed to Natchitoches today.  First stop, Lasyone's for meat pies.  Then on to Front Street and a cold one at The Pioneer Pub.  We'll stop at my favorite book store in the world, The Book Merchant, and the greatest hardware store evah:  the Kaffie-Frederick Hardware store.  We'll check in at our hotel around three, The Church Street Inn, and then maybe visit Melrose since we've never done that.  It depends on the weather: might be raining today. 

We'll be back at The Pub for dinner and again for lunch tomorrow before we head out, because they have the greatest food, and we love the atmosphere there.  Are we going to Natchitoches just for a bar?  Nah!

I told my mother yesterday we were going to Natchitoches today and she said, "Why!?  You've done that so many times already!"  But we love it.  We try do visit some different site each time we go, and last time we went to the historic American Cemetery.  Beautiful, and fascinating. 

I'll have a meat pie for  you guys; see you tomorrow!


Red said...

So when you retire can we assume you're moving there? ;-) Have a great time Pat!

Andy said...

I lived in Natchitoches.

It's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to...

Oh well, you know the rest of the old saying...

Enjoy what's left of the evening. Raining like dogs and cats here.