Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I want to take a moment to thank my wonderful blog friends and readers for your good wishes for my mother.  Over the past ten days or so, through the fall off the porch and one hospital stay, and now the second hospital stay, you're still here and sending prayers and good wishes.  I appreciate that so much!

Hospital sitting leaves me FRIED!

Any blogger knows if you don't post often, well, your readers go elsewhere, but many of you have stuck with me and your daily comments keep me going.

Mom is still in ICU tonight but honestly, I'm not sure exactly why except they're still monitoring the bleed issue.  Again, without a "too much information" situation, they've narrowed things down to ulcers which is actually good news and a surprise to no one who has seen this woman buy a 500 count bottle of Anacin and throw away the top and the cotton stopper so she can get to them faster. 

A more creative mind could write a book about this.  Probably somebody already has; it's almost funny..  She's the most incorrigible patient EVAH!  Suffice to say that in the ICU mind you, when Steve and I went in at 5:00, she had a list.  It said:

Glaucoma medicine
Heath Bars

You get the idea.  I told her she can't have benadryl, Anacin, cigarettes, heath bars or her walker in the ICU and she has no need of her purse.  Now, you must know, this woman is 85 years old and she has to know she can't smoke in a hospital.  What's up with that?  She's on oxygen in the ICU for crying out loud.

My mom is stubborn and will be okay.  She's obviously got some medical issues we're going to be able to deal with as a family.  There are some people in that waiting room with seriously ill family members and they just break my heart.  For mom to be up there fussing about cigarettes taxes my patience in light of those more serious patients, but, I will try to be understanding.  She's not a bad person - I don't mean to give that impression.  She just wants to go home.  She wants to be okay.

I'm saying a prayer tonight for those waiting room comrades I met today and their families.  Two of those family groups had preachers come up to meet with and pray with them today and it gave me comfort for them as I listened in.

I want, again, to thank you guys who have left comments for me; you keep me going and I owe ya one.  It means a lot.



Andy said...

Pat, you and your Mom truly have been in our prayers. We're not going anywhere.

Don't trouble yourself to post on our account. We're big boys and girls, and ALL have aging parents.

I love you for loving your Mom, and attending to her, even though she obviously isn't making it easy on you. Or anyone else.

Love and prayers from Andy & Pam.

TNelson said...

Thinking about you daily Pat - all your fans will hang with you no matter what. Sending good thoughts to your family and your mom. I, sad to say, am also still a smoker and they would probably have to be restraining me by now if I was in your mom's position - bless her heart - I understand her need to want to be home amongst her own things living her own life.

Florida Girl said...

Pat, did they figure out what is wrong with her? I only ask because my mother-in-law (still in the hospital too) had lower back pain after a fall in April. They kept medicating her for osteoporosis and back pain. She went on with her life until the end of June when she started throwing up. She was hospitalized with dehydration and they started her on antibiotics because they thought she had the flu. We had her transferred to a hospital close to us and they continued with tests. Come to find out she had an encapsulated appendix rupture, which was pushing on everything in her abdomen, causing the nausea and vomiting. The surgery was huge, especially for an elderly patient, but now she is on the road to recovery. I know you had gotten tons of advice, but my mother-in-law has three sons who are physicians and this just caught us all. Hopefully you find the source. We are praying for you and blogs come behind family all of the time. Standing at the Pearly Gates, do you really care whether you kept you blog up to date, or you took care of your mom?

Pat Austin said...

Yes, it's probably diverticulosis. They took her appendix out years ago. They're doing a lower GI scope tomorrow and she's having to drink this noxious mix of stuff today in prep. for that. You can imagine the tantrum over this! Heh!

And, no, I totally know that family comes before blogs. But sometimes posting keeps me sane.