Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Take a Trip to Second Hand Rose in Minden, Louisiana

Steve and I took a little day trip to Minden today to visit our friend Milly Rose at Second Hand Rose Antiques.  I've written about Milly and her shop before here.  We were instant fans of Milly and her store when we went in for the first time and discovered she has two shop dogs that look just like my Checkers!

Milly has been buying trash and treasures for years and her four floors hold a little bit of everything.  She has a vivacious, engaging personality and truly never met a stranger.  We were instant friends.  Truly, we spent three hours in there today and heard one story after another;  Milly sells props to a lot of the movie crews that come through here and has met many of the big films stars who return again and again to buy from her.  She's full of stories!

Here's a shot of the store from the stairs going from the first to the second floor:

There's also a basement, and two other floors; the top floor has a lot of old books that I'd LOVE to dig through but there's just never enough time.

One of the things I'm going to get next time I go, if it's still there, is this fabulous cast iron tea kettle:

It's very heavy, of course, and would look perfect on my antique Chambers range!  I need it!

Look at this cute Road Runner!  It's a little blurry, but still...

It's hard to tell here, but it's pretty small and glass.  Very cute.

I loved this glass vase; it's more of a turquoise color than it appears here - the color of the deep sea.  Milly's tag says it's from Spain.  She quoted a good price to me but I just don't know where I'd put it. I kept tapping on it with my fingernail every time I walked by it - it made the most lovely, resonate sound.   I'll think about it for next time, though.  I don't think it'll stay there long.  One of the movie people will grab this in a heartbeat.

I also loved this lamp - I'm going to call it Tiffany style but someone more knowledgeable please feel free to correct me:

I didn't ask Milly how much it is, but she'll always make a deal with you.  Practically nothing is as marked.

Here's a turquoise grouping:

I like that fat round bowl on the upper right shelf.

I also liked these candlesticks!

Milly had just acquired a pair of these nudes which she was very pleased with; again, some movie prop person will snatch these up:

Again, it's rather difficult to tell by my photo, but this is a very tall piece of frosted glass.  Lovely.  Wouldn't fit in in my house, but it's neat.  Art Deco?

Milly and Steve visited while I took pictures:

I liked this green vase;  I have a thing for green:

Notice the top of it is uneven; I thought that was neat.

Steve likes the campaign buttons:

And I liked this table of tarnished silver pieces; just out of frame is a nifty shallow bowl with filigree edges; I gave serious thought to that bowl.  Next time.

I also liked this cracked glass pitcher; it's about 8 or 10 inches tall; and GREEN!  I'd use it for a vase.

Jewelry more your thing?  She's got lots of that, here...

and here...



Loved this piece of furniture!

And so after all that, what did I buy?  Heh!  I bought this crazy, tiny purse which is just fun; I've looked at it the past three times I've been and Milly finally gave me a deal I couldn't refuse:

I also bought a green vase (you knew I would!)

And to cap it all off I got this snowflake broach to pin on my black blazer, and some sterling heart earrings:

At the end of the day Milly walked us out and waved goodbye, until next time!

Milly's website is here, but I'd recommend a personal visit; that way you get to pet the dogs and hear the stories!  And she'll always, always give you an ice cold drink and a free trinket with any purchase!  Fun day!


Sandy said...

Looks like you got your Christmas list posted!!!

sheryl said...

sounds like fun! i'd love to visit her shop.

Bob Belvedere said...

Mrs. B. and I would kill to have a place like that near where we live.

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