Thursday, August 6, 2009

AARP Abandons Their Dallas Town Hall on Health Care

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Watch this video from the AARP Town Hall on health care in Dallas, August 4, 2009. The AARP representatives did not want to hear from the members at all; in fact, once the members began to ask questions, the meeting was officially shut down. The members, however, continued without them. Stunning.

These members were not violent or threatening; they had questions. Just questions. And concerns. They were not plants by some insurance company or right-wing extremist group. They are ordinary citizens.

(H/T: Kim Ebey)


Geary said...

They take your money and then pop an attitude when you question their motives. Take their cash cow (seniors) away.... cancel your memberships.

Pam said...

The President's plan is in real trouble: when you've made the elder, who vote in mass mad, you're plan is DOA: pun intended!

Bernie R in NJ said...

That's why the AARP is AGAINST Privitizing (INVESTING) Social Security.

If our FICA TAXES were INVESTED in ANYTHING, we would all have very lucrative amounts of money for retirement and we would not have to buy INSURANCE from the AARP.

Privitizing Social Security would put the AARP OUT OF BUSINESS!

MarySue said...

That woman from the AARP needs a serious crash course from Dale Carnegie. She should be fired and I don't make statements like that often.

Despite White House efforts to paint those with concerns about health care reform with the broad "crazy" brush, this entire legislation strategy was a PR debacle for them. Even if a genuine reform emerges they will have zero credibility and political capital left to sell it.

Sandy said...

This just reminds me why I canceled my AARP membership years ago. Every time I get one those "join" notices, I write a note on it that I will NEVER join again due to their support of everything LIBERAL and send it back to them!!!

G. R. said...

What concerns me is how long will George Soros, Rahm Emanuel, and the other commie bastards allow these protests to remain peaceful, before they send in ringers disguised as people attending these meetings, but with the intention to launch a violent attack.

snaggletoothie said...

I've had the same thought as G.R. I just don't see Chicago Barry Obama losing gracefully.

Larry Emory said...

G.R. says the lefties will send in their goons. It happened last PM. Labor union thugs beat up a black health reform protester. I'm 64 years old and vertually all political violence in America has been perpertrated by the left. Look for more of it. It only makes me more determined.

Anonymous said...

I see where Obama's Sturmabteilung (the SA or storm toopers) was unleashed in Tampa. What's next, the left's version of Kristallnacht?

And if people don't like you or what you say about "Das Fuhrer", they can call the Reichstag and tell his Gestapo, which is probably Acorn.

I'm not trying to a make a joke. What is occurring mirrors 1930's Nazi Germany.

Rob T. said...

What the AARP also doesnt see is people like... ME. Im twenty-some odd years from retirement, and I will NEVER join the AARP. Especially not after this.
They have the same attitude that big companies like GE, and Congress have: "We dont care what the little people think, now that were in power."
Well I got news for them; theyre GOING to care when they find their asses being voted out and stocks dropping and all their precious power going bye bye.

Anonymous said...

What is so sad that even though it was known for years that AARP was selling out the people it served, people still joined AARP just to get a 20% discount at Denny's.

I have a question for those people. Was the discounts worth it now?