Friday, August 28, 2009

So Glad It's Friday!

Hooray! I love Friday afternoons; specifically, Friday afternoons past 2:15 which is what time school ends. I love the quiet of my classroom after all the kids leave. Erasing the board, straightening the desks, picking up papers...I love the kids, too, but there's something nice about that quiet room after they've gone off to their weekend.

I feel so out-of-the-news-loop by the end of the week.

Now I'm sitting here with my Octoberfest, I've picked up a BBQ spread for dinner, and my thirtysomething DVD arrived today. I know, I know, but I loved that show. I had all the episodes on VHS until I eventually tossed them. I loved Miles Drentell.

I also am halfway through my Margaret Mitchell/John Marsh biography, which is really a great read. I'm looking forward to some good reading this weekend.

When I got home today at 4, the puppy was still in dog-jail, so he was VERY happy to see me.

So.......I'm going to fire up the laptop, park on the couch, and catch up on things. Exciting Friday night, no?!

I'll check back in later.


Sarah said...

Politics, alcohol, and Ken Olin! Sounds good to me! :-)

Steve Burri said...


Your writing needs some spacial and/or chronological bridging: I love the kids, too, but there's something nice about that quiet room after they've gone off to their weekend... Now I'm sitting here with my Octoberfest...

Most school districts up here in Yankee-land frown on such a thing!

Pat Austin said...

LOL - you are correct, Mr. Burri! Let's just attribute that to Brain-Dead-Friday.

Obviously I am at HOME with my Octoberfest as the school server blocks Blogger.

Therefore, Mr. Mason, I could NOT have been at school while blogging about Octobefest.

Steve Burri said...

Mr. Mason: "Ms. Austin, I'll swap a couple of shots of this here Jack Daniels for one of those Sam Adams."

Pat Austin said...

Oh pshaw, Mr. Mason. You can keep your whiskey; the only time whiskey passes my southern lips is if it's Crown Royal Special Reserve. I'll share a Sam Adams with any friend of mine anytime, however. Beer is meant to be shared.