Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paging Arlen Specter: Call Your Office!

George Stephanopoulos has a quote from Arlen Specter that illustrates how out of touch he is:

“I think we have to bear in mind, that although those people need to be heard and have a right to be heard, that they are not really representative of America in my opinion...We have to be careful here not to let those town meetings make the scene that influences what we do on health policy.”

Video here.

Maybe this explains why Toomey is now leading Specter by 12 points in the polls.

If Specter doesn't think that the town halls are representative of America, he is truly clueless. Americans have huge concerns over ObamaCare. Huge. Rasmussen's latest poll has 54% of Americans saying that no reform at all is better than ObamaCare.

Specter seems to be following Obama's theorem that people just need to "get outta the way and not do a lot of talkin'."

I have two words for Mr. Specter. Sleeping Giant.

(H/T to Carol for the video! )


G. R. said...

The audacity of Anal Sphincter. He has been in the Senate for nearly 30 years and as a Republican he was one of the most reliable ones the Democrats had in the Senate.

Those idiots (Republicans too) stay in Washington, D.C. so long and bounce from one dinner party to another listening only to people like themselves, and forget that the real America is beyond the Beltway.

Lynn said...

These people in Washington at their own peril ignore what is happening in town halls all around the country. Vote for this healthcare bill and they will be looking for a job come November 2010. The fury crosses party lines.

For the record, Spector was a Democrat first, changed to Republican which explains perfectly concerning his voting record. I did not know that about him until a few months ago when he switched back to Democrat. Next to Pelosi, I'd take great delight in his being sent home.

G. R. said...


Now that you've mentioned it, I recall hearing Sphincter being a Democrat before.
That in itself proves he has no core values. He'll become whatever necessary to win, and that even means to sell his soul. This is the worst type of politician.

Not only are there a bunch of Democrats who need to be sent home, there are plenty of Republicans who need new jobs, too.