Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry So Quiet

Sorry so quiet but life has gotten interesting in the past 24 hours; The Teenager, out of the blue, has gone and hooked himself up with an Army recruiter and has decided to enlist. This is not a bad thing at all; I'm for it, actually, but I want him to talk to more than one person. He's a better fit for the Air Force, but this recruiter has done some trash talking about the Air Force and he's negative about it. We're encouraging him to get all the information he can before he signs on the line.

Steve is retired Army and is going to the recruiter with him tomorrow, so we shall see how much the smoke and mirrors change.

Anyway. Been occupied. Sorry!

I'll catch up.


G. R. said...

Good idea. Recruiters have a tendency to blow smoke and not tell the whole truth.I too am retired Army, and I'm all for one serving in the military.

Because of the mission performed by each branch, a person may be better suited for one branch and not the other. I encourage you to have your son at least look into the other branches before he makes a decision.
At least get the information from the Air Force recruiter not the "information" or more likely misinformation about the Air Force from an Army recruiter. Remember it's all about the getting a certain amount of numbers before the end of the month, and a lot of recruiters don't care how they get their numbers.

MarySue said...

I have two teenagers myself and know how they can turn everything upside down with a sentence. It's great you're working through the decision together. Good luck.

unfatmatt said...

God bless your son.

Red said...

Definitely accompany him to the recruiter station. I personally hope he goes Airforce but Bluepitbull is retired Army so ask him as well for some insight.

Sarah said...

Congrats to him, but I hope he makes the right decision! I have friends with Army husbands and same story: go w/ the Air Force.