Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rep. Cao Wants a Sit-Down With Obama

Louisiana Congressman Joseph Cao is taking Obama up on his offer to meet with members of Congress to go over the health care bill. From The Hill:

In a statement released late Wednesday, the 42-year-old lawmaker said that he was taking up the president's offer to go over the bill "line by line" with any member of Congress.

Cao has previously said he would not vote for the bill if it funded abortion.

"I am approaching this healthcare bill with the best interests of Orleans and Jefferson parishes in mind," he said. "If the president is willing to meet with members of Congress, then I'm definitely going to take the opportunity to discuss my constituents' concerns. As I travel the area, I'm asking everyone to share their healthcare concerns with me, and I will deliver them to President Obama."

Go Cao!! I like this guy!

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Red said...

Call him on it I say. Make him put his money where his mouth is. Go Cao!