Tuesday, August 11, 2009

UPS and Fed Ex and Obamacare?

Okey-dokey. I've been in school in-services for two days, I've played silly games, I've absorbed more information that one person should have to absorb in 48 hours, I've been introduced to new computer software, new rules & expectations, new policies, new procedures, and so...I'm a little fried right now, but WTF is he talking about here? Is this incoherent to anybody but me?

What was that part about him being the next great orator? I'm going to have to back up and see what the hell is going on here. I'll be back.

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G.R. said...

If idiots could fly, the government could ground Air Force One.

Did he just proved the point that the Federal Government can't do anything right?

And what's sickening he may have understood his gaffe, but the Obamabot will either not catch it or ignore it.