Monday, August 3, 2009

Michelle Malkin on The View

Watching Michelle Malkin on The View today was painful; not because of Michelle, but because these women are so vile! Via Hot Air:

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, of course. Most of those women support Team Obama and that's their prerogative. No problem there. But Joy Behar's sneering, smirking, and interruptions only make her look petty. Sherri, as ill-informed as she is, at least framed her questions in such a way as to feign politeness.

Michelle was 12 seconds into her first sentence before Joy interrupted her to clarify the Tom Daschle botched nomination. "What botched nomination, what are you talking about?" Has she seriously never heard about the failed Dashcle nomination? Michelle lays out the Daschle debacle for Joy who then responds with a snide, "And there weren't people like that in the Bush administration? I'm just wondering."

It went downhill from there, but Malkin held her ground and did a good job. The audience even applauded at the end when it was announced that they would all be getting a copy of Michelle's book; I don't know how many will actually read it, but it's nice that they get the opportunity. Joy clearly didn't read it. She said she read "a few pages" but that probably included the title page and the copyright information. Maybe the table of contents.

All Behar could come up with against Michelle was Bush. Bush was corrupt, he lied, he took us into an unnecessary war; Sherri helps out with the info that Bush never "fixed the trailers" after Katrina. WTF?

Liberals like Behar would do well to reform their tactics, I think. Using the Blame Bush strategy doesn't even work for Obama. At some point in this presidency, and now is as good a time as any, liberals and Obama are going to have to own this. Michelle does a good job in forcing that point with her book.


Red said...

I can't believe you can watch these harpies. That show disgusts me. Michelle pwnd those bias. Even pwnd Matt Lauer 'cause she's cool like that. If I were here I would have shouted ,"The truth hurts, hookers!" Get a dose!

Sandy said...

I loved it when Michelle gave Joy the "news Flash" that Bush was no longer president. I can not stand Joy Behar...ignorance personified!!!

G.R. said...

Why would anyone subject themselves to "One" View. Those bitches, except Elizabeth, are fanatical nut jobs.
Besides going on a piece of crap show like that gives it legitimacy, and it's an illegitimate show.
The only way I could watch it, so it would make sense, is to go out and get brain damage.