Saturday, November 28, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around - The Don't-Rush-Me-Into-Christmas Edition

So far, the Christmas spirit hasn't knocked me down with giddy anticipation yet. My Christmas spirit is still packed away in cardboard boxes on the top shelf of my cedar closet. It will come, I suppose. Some years it strikes right after Thanksgiving. Some years it takes a little longer. I abhor decorating for Christmas before Halloween or Thanksgiving. I don't understand that. If you start focusing on Christmas before Thanksgiving is over, you've missed the best part of Thanksgiving. You're cheating yourself out of a holiday.

I like Christmas, I do. I hate the pressure of it, though. Black Friday! Hurry! Shop! It's an emergency!!!! Bah. The pressure to spend more money, to buy bigger gifts, more gifts, perfect gifts. No.

No. That's not what Christmas is to me. It should be about being with family, remembering the season, cooking decadent things that you only make once a year - and then sharing them with friends. It's about so much more than shiny wrapping and expensive presents.

Before we start stressing over Christmas on this blog, even though we do participate in crass commercialism, we'll finish up with Thanksgiving. I still have leftovers in my refrigerator. In fact, I woke up at 2:00 this morning and ate some cold dressing, had a glass of milk, and went back to bed. The Thanksgiving/fall decorations will stay out through the weekend. Fall is lovely in this part of the world right now. Lots of the leaves have fallen, but there are still some clinging to their limbs. Holdouts.

No sloppy leftovers in the blogosphere, though. Let's get to the links:

Reaganite Republican has a post on the Russian train disaster. Was it terrorism? Did they blow up their OWN train? Crazy. The world has gone crazy.

Bride of Rove sums up the global warming farce.

Sippican Cottage had a lovely Thanksgiving post.

Fishersville Mike tells you why heath care reform will fail. A dog story.

Ohmigodinheaven these women are too freakin' stupid to be on TV. Don't tell me Joy was just kidding. She wasn't. She's living proof than anybody in America can get on television. Ruby Slippers has the clip. Another Black Conservative has delicious comments. Newsbusters has the story, too. Memeorandum picked it up as well.

Jimmie Bise reminds me of one of my favorite commercials; yes, I watched it twice.

Stacy McCain puts Adam Lambert where he belongs - in the boring category. Be sure to read Stacy's email response at the bottom of that post.

A girl after my own heart, Little Miss Attila is still doing Thanksgiving. No Christmas there, yet, either!

I feel so left out.

This post by Pundette goes a long way into explaining why I have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, sometimes.

I really wish I hadn't looked at this.

Professor Jacobson scares me to death.

From the typos on the menu to the elaborate "tent", Troglopundit sums up the State dinner.

Critical Narrative makes note of Carol Browner's conflict of interest issues.

Since I rarely say anything nice about Michelle Obama's fashion sense, write this down: I liked her dress for the State dinner.

Wyblog calls out nanny staters.

On a serious note, Carolyn Tackett is very much in my prayers these days. Keep her in your thoughts, please.

Okay that's enough for now. I have research papers to grade..yes, they're still in my car. I have about 50 pages left of my Ayn Rand biography to finish. I'm starting Going Rogue next. I have dogs to play with and leftovers to eat. Enjoy your Saturday!

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