Monday, November 2, 2009

Things the New Puppy Has Eaten So Far

The mail, on an almost daily basis.
One copy of Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle."
One stuffed football from Mardi Gras.
One corner of a down filled Woolrich blanket.
One lavender throw pillow.
The corner of an oak bookshelf.
Numerous socks.
Four pairs of shoestrings.
One dog bed.
One iPhone Jam Jacket (iPhone, thankfully, unharmed).
One Joshua Chamberlain biography.
One pair reading glasses.
Multiple random stuffed animals.
One poly-filled comforter.
One pillow sham.
Living room sheers (still hanging from the curtain rod.)
One slipper.
Two bath sponges.
Three magazines.
Two cell phone chargers.
One PSP charger.
One Xbox headset.
One basket decorative pine cones.

I'm thinking that putting up a Christmas tree this year might not be such a good idea.


Me said...

I feel your pain, believe me. I thought I was going to get by without the destructive puppy biting when I got my last German Shepherd as a young adult, but it was worse: He bit people, including me.

But he's much nicer now and he's become the most popular subject of many of my blog's posts. I suspect your your adorable pup will have a similar following before too long.

Just keep him away from Upton Sinclair...socialism is bad for puppies. :-)

Chris Wysocki said...

My daughter is hocking me for a dog. So far I've said "no". I'm printing out this post and waving it my wife's face every time she wavers...

Red said...

Good lord! I'm sending you a case of greenies and milk bones. That should keep puppy busy.

Lynn said...

Too funny.

The only reason our Lab, Luc, did not destroy is because I was home most of the day since I am retired. However, we put up three temporary fences -- one around the air conditioner, another one around the telephone connection attached to the house, and around the peach tree (peach pits are poisonous). He never saw a room outside of the living area until he was about 18 months to 2 years old. All doors were closed to him. We have a crate off the living area for sleeping. Luc is four now and most the time he sleeps on our bed. Every once in a while, he prefers his crate.

This too will pass. :D But, I must admit your puppy sounds like he went above and beyond what most puppies do. I am sure, though, when he turns those eyes on you, you melt.

Quite Rightly said...

Life will be so much easier when Puppy's finished teething.

(But I'd keep my shoes and laundry basket locked up if I were you!)

Steve said...

I am the victim of the chewed up Joshua Chamberlain biography "Concieved in Liberty."

The following is from a passage about the 20th Maine's action against the 15th Alabama at Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg. " ha be lain eard th op n. T e cannon de sur ri d his Mai e men, who ex ect a Confed at attack one their ight."