Monday, November 23, 2009

Spinning Mary Landrieu

Talk about some serious spinning...Chuck Schumer denies the fact that Mary Landrieu was bought off by saying she has "exceptional legislative ability."

This is what qualifies for an exceptional legislator, apparently. If you can hold out, if you can screw the rest of the country, if you can ignore the Constitution by voting for a bill that exceeds the powers of Congress, they YOU might be an exceptional legislator.

Yesterday, on Face the Nation, Schumer said, "One, she delivers the goods for Louisiana. She has constantly and I think the people of Louisiana respect her for it. Second she has real views on healthcare those are taken into account as well."

I take issue with the word "respect," Senator. "Respect" isn't quite the word I would use.


Red said...

Shumer basically calls Louisiana a bunch of opportunists holding out for the big pay-off. He is clueless as to what Louisiana wants.

"exceptional legislative ability." Newspeak for business as usual.

I think you summed it well.

david7134 said...

It is obvious from Shumer's comments that people in Washington are completely out of touch with the rest of the nation and our economic situation.

I have been to Landrieu's site and watched her interviews. It is obvious that she has completely lost touch and I really don't feel she has much brain power.

For some reason, our leaders can not understand that we are broke. We can not afford the cost of the health care measure. It has been pointed out that this bill has about 20 or more different taxes. The one lession from the Great Depression was that if you increased taxes, the economy would never recover. That is where we are now. This bill will kill the US. In the meantime, Landrieu is trying to bring the bacon to Louisiana, despite the fact that there might not be a Louisiana in a few years.

david7134 said...

I feel that Landrieu is about a stupid as the day is long. This hopefully will be the end of her in politics. If this bill passes, our economy will tank and the dollar will go to zero.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jim Baker paying Jessica Hahn over a quarter of a million dollars for screwing her was something. But Harry Reid paying Mary Landrieu $300 million to screw America....WOW!
Is that Guiness material for the most expensive f***? If not, it ought to be.
Yes Mary, your're not better than a Bourbon Street whore. As a matter of fact, you are a Bourbon Street whore.

Red said...

Linked like a sausage .