Monday, November 9, 2009

My Favorite Quote Today Comes from Professor Jacobson

My favorite quote today:

"Pelosi and Obama have surrounded themselves with themselves again. And it is blowing up in their political faces."

Heh! That comes from Professor Jacobson who explains the nifty dilemma the Stupak amendment creates for the Democrats! It's a must read right here (scroll to the bottom and listen to the awesomeness that is Yes while you read).

Poor Joseph Cao. He's taken a beating from conservatives for his lone vote in favor of HR3962 while, in fact, while I disagree with his vote in a HUGE way, I admire his courage for standing up for what he believes. He believes, rightly or no, that he is representing his constituents, their needs, and their wants.

But, he was suckered. He should have known they were going to strip Stupak out in committee and he's left blowing in the wind. All he got was an empty promise from the Imperial Leader. Tsk tsk. I hope Cao isn't holding his breath to collect.

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