Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Mild Rant

What kind of world did I wake up in? I'm just dumbfounded on a daily basis about what is going on in this country.

I think this Fort Hood massacre has pushed my last button. As more and more information comes out about it I have to wonder what idiot was asleep at the wheel and decided this guy was not only okay to be in the military but also decided he was a competent mental health professional?

He killed thirteen people, fourteen if you aren't so politically correct that you can count the unborn child, yet we can't call this terrorism. He's got "Soldier of Allah" on his damn business card, for crying out loud! He may have been wiring part of his $90,000 salary to Pakistan. He tried to contact al Qaeda and the FBI knew about it. There's more, but the more I read about this, the more I want to explode! How could people have ignored this? How could they have been so wrapped up in not wanting to offend the Muslim community that this guy got a pass?

And Obama's response? He tells us not to "jump to conclusions." How many more facts does he need before he draws the most obvious conclusion? Let's see: if I, a normal citizen, had tried to contact al Qaeda, wired money to Pakistan, and had Soldier of Allah on my business card, do you think my principal might have looked at me with a critical eye? Or the FBI would have? Would that have raised any red flags? I'm a teacher. How long before folks would have been writing letters to the editor about me trying to corrupt the young minds of my students?

I don't understand our world anymore. Obama's mechanical response following the Fort Hood shootings was just embarrassing. He appeared at a previously scheduled function, gave a shout out at a tribal leaders conference, then mechanically announces the news of the shooting. He did not go to Fort Hood that day. Or the next. Or the next. In fact, it was five days before he and Michelle went, which is when he gave a speech that sent Obamabots into a new leg-tingling frenzy.

In contrast you have George W. Bush, who I admit, I had disagreements with, but compared to Obama, he's a class act. George and Laura quietly went to Fort Hood to grieve with and console those who were affected. No press. No media event. Caroline Glick said it best here. GWB, you must admit, love him or hate him, he has a love and compassion for our brethren in uniform.

But it's not just Fort Hood that has sent me over the brink. The entire health care debate has sent me into apoplexy and it was cap and trade before that, and the election in general before that. It was the apology tours, and the indifference by our administration to the Iranians protesting for freedom. It's Guantanamo and Afghanistan and a million other things. Snubbing Britain. Embracing our enemies. Arrogance. Smugness. Indifference.

What baffles me most is that there are still so many people that idolize this Obama person and either have no clue what he's doing to this country, or they do and they are of the same school that he is and they, too, believe that America is guilty of a multitude of international and historical sins and have taken it upon themselves to rewrite the mission of this country from a federalist, strong emphasis on the individual, capitalistic society to an entitlement and government-dependent zone.

The day after the House passes the job-killing, crushing-mandate-entitlement package that is Pelosicare, the one that is going to increase everybody's taxes to oblivion, the bill that will single handedly do more to destroy this country than almost any other in recent history, if EVER, there are still people saying, "I love my President!" as if he's just done something great. It's not great, people. Nothing about this health care bill is great. NOTHING! That's not my partisan mouth speaking - it's the TRUTH. Read the bill!

And you know what Queen Nancy said today about her bill? That she thinks it's entirely fair if you go to jail because you don't want to buy into her plan. You no longer have the right to decide that you don't want to buy a product.

Okay so say you don't mind paying 60% of your income in taxes to support this man's socialist agenda. Oh wait. Can't say "socialism" anymore because that word turns the liberals off. They don't like it. It has become ineffective. But say you don't mind carrying a tax burden so that the downtrodden can have inferior health care just like all the rest of us will have. I say inferior because there's no way this plan can't lead to rationing. Doesn't the fact that Congress won't make it mandatory for themselves tell you anything?

Do you actually believe Obama when he tells you that you'll get to keep your coverage? Are you that naive?

Do you actually believe that the world will like us better and the Islamofascists will quit trying to kill us if we close Guantanamo? What will be gain by doing that? What will we gain by bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to a United States Federal Prison? Have you thought about what we will lose?

I realize I am rambling incoherently here. That's the way my brain feels right now - like a bunch of live-wires short-circuiting, waving about and spitting sparks all over the place. I wasn't really a babbling idiot until I read Andrew Sullivan this afternoon. Big mistake. Sullivan praises Obama for dithering on Afghanistan. Against my better judgment, I quote:

What strikes me about this is the enormous self-confidence this reveals. Here is a young president, prepared to allow himself to be portrayed as "weak" or "dithering" in the slow and meticulous arrival at public policy. He is trusting the reality to help expose what we need to do. He is allowing the debate - however messy and confusing and emotional - to take its time and reveal the real choices in front of us.

Har! "Reveal the real choices in front of us" like the Magic-freakin' 8-Ball. Get a Ouija board, Barack. This corner "yes," that corner "no." Oh yes, Mr. Sullivan, Obama is making such a sacrifice, right? Allowing "himself to be portrayed as 'weak' or 'dithering'" Never mind that he IS weak and dithering and all our enemies know it.

Sullivan misses the whole point. This decision isn't really about "politics." It's not about Obama or his poll numbers. It's about war. About lives. About our soldiers, sons, brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, in Afghanistan waiting for reinforcements, which they requested months ago, from a man who is currently on a 9 day trip to Asia, thank you. Will get back to you later.

Back to my long ago original just strikes me every now and then that I'm in a whole new world. Before November 4, I didn't worry about losing my health coverage. I didn't worry a great deal about our national security, at least, not the way I do now. I didn't wonder why our Attorney General is going to speak to CAIR. Or why we're going to close a model prison just because it upsets some people that want to kill us. I didn't worry about a Cap and Trade system that's going to make my energy bills skyrocket while doing no real good for the environment.

It's like every single day I have to wake up and check the news for the next new ambush. How is he going to embarrass us, endanger us, or break us today? And you write about it, you blog, you talk to people, and then I get some pissant who tells me I don't ever say anything nice about "Our President" or how I should "give him a chance." A chance to do WHAT exactly? Dither longer? Endanger us more? Humiliate us more?

I can't keep silent about what I'm seeing because if we just sit back silently and watch, we'll be smothered. We'll lose our country. YES, it's that dire!

If you're still here, thanks for sticking around. Every once in a while, I gotta let it out (I know that wasn't proper English - so sue me.)

I'll try to remember what Scarlett said. "Tomorrow is another day."

2010 is coming, and 2012 soon after that.


Red said...

I don't see how you can do it. Corndog has gone to a more lighthearted stance for a while because these issues piss me off so completely that I cannot think straight and stay perpetually angry. I applaude if not caution your tenacity but be good to yourself in the interim. There is three more years of this shatner to deal with.

yukio ngaby said...

"It's like every single day I have to wake up and check the news for the next new ambush. How is he going to embarrass us, endanger us, or break us today?"

Yeah. I know that feeling... Sometimes you just gotta hide for a few days, but then they hit with some other 1000 page bill.

All their crud would be amusing, if the consequences weren't so dire.

Reaganite Republican said...

Well put, Pat- sure can't blame you if you need to vent!

This Obama era is like a Twilight Zone episode- and a lot of us are as sick of it as you are, that's for sure-

It's bad enough to watch the direction this kook Obama is taking us in... but it's the ingratitude and lack of respect for what this country's all about that really takes the cake.

Obama's simply not one of us- he's embittered and bizarre, and sure has no business in a position of power like that... thanks alot, hopenchangey idiots.

Lynn said...

I admire the fact you can stay with a list of daily horrors. When I start thinking/listing, I quit before my head explodes.