Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Republicans Who Voted to Confirm Holder

A reminder:

Alexander (Tennessee)

Bennett (Utah)

Bond (Missouri)

Chambliss (Georgia)

Collins (Maine)

Corker (Tennessee)

Graham (South Carolina)

Grassley (Iowa)

Gregg (New Hampshire)

Hatch (Utah)

Isakson (Georgia)

Kyl (Arizona)

Lugar (Indiana)

McCain (Arizona)

Mukowski (Arkansas)

Sessions (Alabama)

Snowe (Maine)

Voinovich (Ohio)


lady di said...

Democrat or Republican, they are both the same. One example, it took both parties to run up the deficit.

Red said...

For whom the vote tolls.

James H said...

lady Di give me a break . Elections matter .

A President has great leeway on appointments when he gets elected. That include Bush.

At some point the whole "they are the same " is about to to be discounted. I can't believe under McCain we would be dealing with this horrid mess