Friday, November 6, 2009

My Inner Eeyore

I've been channeling my inner-Eeyore the past couple of days so blogging has been light. Might be the wind-down after Tuesday's elections, might be the long, slow march to the Thanksgiving break, might be just about anything political...all I know is that I haven't been in my happy-place so I just haven't blogged.

The Fort Hood story is just horrible. That broke yesterday, as we all know, and was just awful to watch unfold. What a hero Kim Munley is! I saw one of her doctors on ABC News this evening and she said Kim's first question when she came out of surgery was "Did anybody die?" Imagine. So selfless.

Watching and listening to the relatives of those killed yesterday is just devastating. So tragic.

On the political front, I'm warily watching the Obamacare situation this weekend. I saw Krauthammer and Steven Hayes on Fox this afternoon surmising that Obamacare will pass the House - maybe by two or three votes but "it will pass." This depresses me beyond measure. How on earth, with the jobless rate over 10%, with an ongoing recession, with people struggling as it is, how can those Democrats vote to make the situation worse? Oh, I know the talking points about how we "need reform now" but that's just crap. This bill is crap. It will kill jobs. It will increase taxes. It will increase unemployment. It will lead to rationing. It will kill private insurance (which will kill more jobs). Every single thing about this bill is crap.

The blind sheep falling in behind it depress me.

How can this happen?

On the home front, puppy continues to chew everything in sight, but it's been somewhat better this week. In addition to the endless list of items chewed to oblivion, just add countess rawhide sticks to that. He's not chewing inappropriate stuff because he doesn't have his own stuff to chew. Bah.

So, me and my inner Eeyore are going to curl up tonight and get into my new Ayn Rand biography which arrived this week. I'll be bright and chipper in the morning, I suppose, and will have a lively FJMRA for you. If you linked me and you think I might miss it, just drop me an email. Because Technorati sucks.


conservative generation said...

I think the bill will pass too, since Reid's promised to slow up health care until the end of the year. It's a ploy for congress to say, look at us fight for the base, knowing it won't pass in it's current form.

As you say, things will be better in the morning :)

Red said...

Technorati totally sucks. I can feel the breeze.