Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Shopping

I'm not about to get out and do Black Friday. The only thing I'm going out to buy today is dog food and a loaf of bread.

I have, however, started shopping a little bit. I just purchased the Sookie Stackhouse series for my teenager (it's okay - he doesn't read my blog). He's a reader and he liked the Twilight books. He has read the Christopher Paolini Eragon series over and over and over (and over), so I also picked up the new Paolini companion picture book. Very nice!

Last year I made a Christmas wish list on this blog, just for fun. I'll probably do that again, just because it was fun, and a girl can dream, right? In fact, looking back at it, I didn't necessarily get it all for Christmas, but I did get everything on my list except for the Charlie Brown DVD set. And the Clapton tickets weren't at Albert Hall, but in Dallas, which was even better because I got to see my daughter and son-in-law as a bonus! Definitely the highlight of my year. Nikki - you're covered for Christmas already! You can send me a card or something! I'm good.

Anyway, in the interest of capitalism, I'm stealing a page from Stacy McCain and will be posting some shopping links for your consideration. Who needs Black Friday and long lines when you can shop and help yourself and your blogging friends, too? And leading by example, I bought Donkey Cons and Going Rogue off Stacy's site. He probably made $0.35 off my clicks this month.

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