Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Blogging has been light this week.  We're heading out to Natchitoches tomorrow and I've been busy getting some things ready around here for that. 

We had Steve's son and his girlfriend over for dinner last night and that kept me busy yesterday.  I made spaghetti and that takes all day for me!  I make the sauce from scratch and it takes a while.  And meatballs!  We ate too much.

I've been battling a nasty computer virus/trojan on one of the laptops and I'm not sure I have it licked yet.  I'm attempting to get rid of it myself before I resort to taking it into Merlins.  I hate crap like that. 

We finally got rain here at SIGIS!  The yard is green again and my water bill is oh so grateful!

That said, and excuses made, I'll be in and out here until late Friday or Saturday so feel free to talk amongst yourselves.  I'll be posting from the iPhone from Natchitoches, just in case I see anything cool like this to share with you.  Or if we do something stupid like this, again.

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Your Loving Husband said...

Being married to you is like being at the Improv. You're a laugh a minute.