Thursday, June 16, 2011

Planning a Trip!

Steve and I are planning a trip to Natchitoches next week. 

Yes, I have called ahead this time to be sure The Pioneer Pub is open; what heartache last year

I'm going to pull out all my brochures and things tonight and see what adventures we can get into this time.  Last year we visited Oakland plantation and it was absolutely wonderful.  I wouldn't mind doing that again, but we like to do something different each time we go.

I've never been to Melrose; it's a bit further down that river road than Oakland. 

I'll definitely try to find some out of the way antique stops!



LL said...

Natchitoches -- never been there...

sheryl said...

have fun!

MikeAT said...

I can relate on the 06 I visited England/Scotland and I wanted to visit the distilleries...and they all were closed. I found out they shut down every March.....


Have a great time times week

Steve said...

You still have time to get down here before we leave.
If you ever get down here, Natchitoches is one place of many on the list we need to take you to.

Tony said...


Pat Austin said...

I've pushed through your "WGAS" comment on two different posts, but really, if you don't "give a shit" then why are you here? If you don't GAS, then keep it to yourself and click off to some other blog where you DGAS.

If you have something to say, fine, but WGAS is kind of rude.


Tony said...

WGAS = Wasting Gas All Summer. Apparently the price of gas doesn't REALLY affect your behavior at all.

(But, take it as you like...)

Pat Austin said...

And that relates to your WGAS on the Musical

Besides, we've got plenty of petroleum reserves...oh wait. Your president won't let us get to them. Snap. My bad.

Tony said...

Oh for shame! I've been exposed!! As soon as I get off the phone with the D.C. Madame, I'll resign from visiting your hacky blog.

Anonymous said...


WAA! (What An Ass!)
Just want to know what business of if is yours how Pat and her husband spend their money. I will step out on a limb and guess, NONE!