Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Debate Favorite?

Over at The Corner they're running a poll on tonight's Republican candidate debate.  They ask who is your favorite candidate (of the participants) so far.

The leader?

Right now it's T-Paw with 28%, but "None of the Above" is a close contender with 27%.

Who is this Mr. None of the Above?

Have we met?


Andy said...

Pat, I'd love to see Paul Ryan run. But, he probably won't.

At this point, I'm leaning toward Herman Cain. I'm really ready for an outsider. He probably won't build enough steam, though.

I truly believe that we may see something we haven't seen in my lifetime...a "draft" at the Republican Convention. I could see Ryan being drafted. How WAY cool would it be to see a "reluctant warrior?" The buzz would be unprecedented in modern history.

And, Ryan is completely grounded in everything we need. He can speak eloquently, and explain exactly WHY we're on the wrong path.

It would be WAY cool to see a guy (or gal) plucked from the crowd that can destroy ObozO in debates...and he can...because it's "in him." No teleprompter Jesus in Ryan.

Sarah said...

I don't understand how anyone could vote for Pawlenty. I have to admit, Bachmann is growing on me, though I doubt she has a snowball's chance in hell. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that we're gonna have to deal with Romeny as our nominee... I just hope he sticks to what he knows and quits this John Kerry "look how I can be one with the people" crap. It just makes him look ridiculous.

Andy said...

Sarah, I'm just not sure about that. I got down to supporting Romney in the last go-around, because he wasn't McCain.

But, I think we may be cutting some of the other candidates short on the support that they can garner.

I'm serious about the "draft" thing. I really do believe that there are enough fighters in the race (or that will come in to the race) to split up the primaries.

In 2008, EVERYBODY threw in the towel so early that McCain waltzed away with it. Loser.

I have a feeling that it's not going to come down that way this time. I believe we've got some fighters that intend to go to the Convention with delegates...have their names placed in to nomination...and take their crack at the delegates with their speeches. It's gonna be interesting as hell.

I'm not resigning myself to Romney as our candidate. It's gonna be somebody else...whether a ballot fight, or a's gonna be somebody else.

Sarah said...

Andy, I supported McCain over Romney last time. I just do not like him. (Well, I supported Thompson until he blew his campaign, but that's a story for another day.) I can't vote for someone who flip-flops, no matter the direction in which they do. I'd rather have someone who sticks to his beliefs, no matter what they are than someone who panders.

I'd like to think you're right but I see too many of my friends in high political places resigning themselves to Romney unless Perry or Christie jump in. I guess we'll see.