Friday, June 10, 2011

Take a Solo Trip to Second Hand Rose Antiques

It was a rare solo trip for me today to Second Hand Rose Antiques in Minden today.  Steve was at work and I wanted to go see Milly Rose in Minden, so off I went.  I had a dual purpose.  Number one was that she had added a lot of new things since my last visit and number two was because a.) I wanted her to look at my mystery vase and give me some info on it, and b.) I had a present for her.

First the mystery vase. I got it last week at an estate sale and ever since I've been looking and researching hot 'n heavy to figure out how old it is and where it might have been made.  I asked some people in some glass collectors clubs I've joined and no real luck.  I've ruled OUT some things, but that's it.  Some guy even told me it looked like it came from Hobby Lobby to him.  Well, I don't know much about glass yet, but I can tell you it didn't come from Hobby Lobby.  So Milly can't say for sure about the maker of the vase, but her first instinct was that it's "like Murano" and it's definitely not Hobby Lobby.  "No, no," she said, "it's OLD."  I pressed her on a date and she said probably early 1900s. 

Second, the present.  I went to an estate sale today and they had hats.  Lots and lots of hats.  I bought two hats for Milly because Milly loves hats.  These hats just SCREAMED Milly Rose.  And I was right -- she loves them!

So.  Now for the walk around the shop.  Settle in, get a beer, this will take a while:

One of the things I bought today at my estate sale was an old crock.  Walking around Milly's today, I saw lots of old crocks.  It's like, once I started glass collecting, all I saw was glass in there..., well, today I saw crocks:

And churns:

Big, and small...

One thing that has surprised me as I've gotten interested in collecting glass is that collectors go crazy for Pyrex.  There are whole groups dedicated to Pyrex.  And you would not believe (or maybe you would) the crazy prices grandmother's old Pyrex mixing bowls are going for.  A Pyrex collector would go crazy at Millys:

Pyrex butter dishes!

This is a nifty metal "hamper" and thermos:

What about this pearl collar?  These were apparently quite fashionable:

I've been looking at that thing with interest and curiosity for a long time now.  It's fairly heavy and it's lined with ivory satin on the back.  It's neat.  Don't have a clue when I'd wear it, but it's neat.

I'm kind of digging these 1940s shakers:

A wooden duck pull toy!  Loved these when I was a kid!

I loved this old mirror:

How do you feel about carnival glass?  I'm not a fan of carnival glass.  I do know that lots of it is treasured and prized and that Fenton Glass often refers to it as it's "bread and butter" during certain years, but I'm not a fan of carnival glass.  If I was, I'd like these, though.   I don't mind this shade as much as some others:

These are candle holders; there's a socket in each for a taper.

Okay, now I got excited about this.  I love, love, love this 1939 National Geographic map of New York.  OMG.  Love, Love!

The art on there is great:

There is a whole box of old maps:

They won't be there long.  Especially with Father's Day coming up, someone will grab those.  They're wonderful.

How about these vintage rooster canisters?  Cute!

You could spend the whole day digging through this table of costume jewelry.  It's layers deep:

A cute Baby's Plate:

Look at these sweet dishes, and I love the green pitcher:

Milly's is know for the Coca-Cola collectibles; she has a serious reputation for having Coca-Cola stuff.  Like this great old bottle:

Or this great bottle:

Coca-Cola advertising:

Another thing collectors go crazy over is Star Wars stuff.  Milly's got that covered,too:

There is tons of Star Wars stuff.

Have you seen the movie "Thor"?  Read the book first:

Milly left me in charge of the store for about 20 minutes while she ran an errand.  Can you imagine?!  Like leaving a kid alone in a candy store.  This is what the dogs did while she was gone:

They sat there the whole time until she came back.

These mesh purses and bags are cool:

This box of old doorknobs caught my eye; this is the kind of knobs I have in my house!  I never knew they were collectible:

Have you done your Father's Day shopping?  I like this:

Milly has brought in a bunch of jewelry that is selling like crazy.  These oversized and colorful pieces are crazy popular right now:

And check out this one!

Well, so what did I come home with?  I brought this "smoking table" home:

Instead of filling the jar with tobacco, I'll fill it with sour cherry balls!  There are instructions stapled to the underside on how to operate "the lighter," which it apparently had at one time.

I also rescued this treasure from the linen pile:

It's hand embroidered and I love it! 

Milly also tucked some farm fresh eggs in my bag and some of her home grown veggies which we ate for dinner.

All in all it was a fun day and we had a good visit.  Tomorrow?  We're going to Coushatta to hit Ed Lesters for veggies!

As always, if you see something you can't live without in this, or any previous post, call Milly Rose and work out a deal.  She's always willing to make a deal!  The shop number is 318.371.9830.


sheryl said...

sounds like a good day! and today sounds fun too. wish i could go w/ you.

how much is millie asking for the carnival glass vase? i have one just like it stuck under my hutch. also have a carnival glass pitcher.

how much is the big coke glass bottle? that was too cool! just curious. i don't have room for something that big.

Anonymous said...

I remember having seen that dish towel. It definately made an impression on me. Enjoy it. YOur tobacco table is a treasure too.

Zilla/MJ said...

I love all the beautiful photos of such great stuff! Your antiquing posts are delightful to me, thank you so much for adding such loveliness into my world. I linked to this particular post of yours here: