Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wreckovery Summer

Despite what Debbie Wasserman Schultz would have you believe, the economy has not been turned around.  Ed Morrissey at Hot Air boils down some numbers:

Retail sales are down.

Auto sales are down.

Inventories are up.

Even more, the unemployment rate is at 9.1%.

The number of Americans on food stamps continues to climb.

From The Foundry, consider this:

Case in point: On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” host David Gregory confronted DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz with the cold hard facts—unemployment is up 25 percent since President Obama’s inauguration day, the debt is up 35 percent, a gallon of gas is up 104 percent, and 59 percent of Americans disapprove of the President’s handling of the economy.
All this and Obamacare hasn't even kicking in full bore yet.   And don't forget those energy bills that are expected to skyrocket.  Which means food costs will skyrocket as well.

And what is the Democrats plan for the economy

A third problem stems from the administration's lack of an explicit plan to deal with future budget deficits and with the exploding national debt. This creates uncertainty about future tax increases and interest rates that impedes spending by households and investment by businesses.

Oh wait.  There's a commission being formed to study waste.  Wonderful.  That should do it.

All this bodes poorly for Obama's re-election. As it turns out, that's just fine with his family.

Someone please tell me what kind of la-la land does Debbie Wasserman Schultz live in?  Turned the economy around?  God help us.


MikeAT said...

When I hear people like DWS put out propaganda like that my general answer is "I can believe you or my lying eyes."

Charlene said...

"NEW YORK -Stocks are closing higher for the third day this month after retailers had better sales in May than expected. All three major indexes had their best day so far in June."

The La La Land Mrs. Wasserman-Schultz lives in is Florida and I agree that's not much of a La La Land since Gov. Scott took over.

MikeAT said...


You are looking at 3 days of gains after six weeks of losses. That's not a recovery of stock prices.

You can review Ann's stats in the original post..sorry, the economy sucks and it's largly due to the man-child in the White Houst right now. It rivals that of the Carter years and we need a major change to save this nation.

Is it 2012 yet?

MikeAT said...

And if we ever met Pat please slap me for my calling you "Ann"....the alzheimer's is kicking my ass!:<)

MikeAT said...

And if we ever met Pat please slap me for my calling you "Ann"....the alzheimer's is kicking my ass!:<)