Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking at Rick Perry

Governor Rick Perry gave a speech last night to the New York County Republican party at the Grant Hyatt in New York City which was reported on over at The Corner by both Brian Bolduc and Rich Lowry.  Both Bolduc and Lowry seem to think that Perry is going to get into the race. From Bolduc's piece:

Afterward, Perry asked the crowd to take out their cell phones and text the word “leadership” to 95613. “We’ll keep you in the loop,” Perry promised — a barely veiled hint toward a presidential run.

“Are you ready to take this country back?” Perry asked the crowd before leaving the stage. From his speech tonight, he seemed to be running for president.

And from Lowry:

I was at the same event as Brian and got the same impression–this was a draft stump speech by Gov. Perry. There are three things a presidential candidate generally needs: 1) presence (does he fill the room?); 2) a narrative (does his biography and/or record add up to something?); 3) a theme (does he have a point in running?). Based on tonight, I’d say Perry could well have all three.

Lowry then goes on to explain and give examples of the three.  Read his piece.

Professor Jacobson is looking at Perry with interest as well and has a great clip of Rick Perry talking to Brett Baier yesterday.  Watch it.

A scroll through the comments has both pro and con for Perry, naturally.  One problem he may have is that he was initially a Democrat and was the chairman of Al Gore's 1988 campaign.  He switched to the Republican party the next year.

And that whole secede from the United States thing was kind of weird, though I don't think he actually endorsed that.  I believe he was just making a point about states rights and the power of the 10th amendment. 

If he gets in, though, he'd have to be judged on his record, which looks strong.  I don't know a lot about Perry, but, like some others, I'm starting to look. 

I've even seen the Perry/Bachmann cry beginning to arise.  I think it's a little premature for that.


Charlene said...

I wonder, what can I as a liberal do to encourage Mr. P and Ms. B to hook up [politically speaking]?


Bartender Cabbie said...

You will find that Perry is "all hat not cattle."

Bartender Cabbie said...

You will find that Perry is 'all hat not cattle."

Tony said...

GOP reminds me of a serial dater. Maybe THIS one?? Maybe THAT one!!??
A black candidate! A female!! A re-tread!! A secessionist!! A libertarian!!

Anonymous said...

A very articulate and believable man.

No teleprompter.

"Its the economy, stupid"


Very impressive, but I want to see more.

Tina said...

Perry doesn't "need" to be president, but is apparently able to see that his country needs a genuine leader instead of this parade of Walter Mondale/Hubert Humphrey-type perennial bridesmaids.

Take a look at his actions after Hurricane Katrina - how decisive he was and how quickly he stepped up to help with real and useful action. Take a look at his willingness to change his mind when reason shows him a better point of view. He's a good leader, moderate and conservative in all the right places with no ego issues.

If Perry runs, he will win.

And that would be very, very, very good for America.