Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Rick Perry Buzz...

... From the WSJ:

My guess is he's in. Why? He got clearance from what obviously has become the second-most powerful force in American politics—a candidate's wife. In the governor's telling, his wife, Anita, sat him down and said this was no ordinary presidential election for the country. Rick, you've gotta run.
She's right about the race. There may be lots of reasons not to put oneself through the modern presidential gauntlet, but not this time. Four more years of below-average economic growth and above-trend unemployment and it'll take a generation for the U.S. to climb out. The betting here is that Anita Perry wins this argument. They usually do.

This is true.  Absolutely true.  This will be no ordinary run.  This is why it has so thoroughly ticked me off that Paul Ryan isn't running.  He could win.  Step up!   

Can Perry win?  I have no idea.  This report seems optimistic:

Onstage, the governor gives you passion. He gives you emotion. Compared to the seven GOP contenders at CNN's 30-seconds-only Twitter debate this week, Rick Perry would be the most animated by far—rocking back, his arms tossed out in broad sweeps. Which brings us to the "swagger problem." Can America handle Rick Perry's Texas swagger?

And then there's his record:

Texas. Without the details of the Texas economic boom, this is a normal candidacy. But the details are impressive. Texas is a zero income-tax state, and Mr. Perry gives the impression he'd die at the Alamo before allowing one. The state is historically business-friendly. I recall attending the 1992 GOP convention in Houston, visiting from New York, and feeling as if I were in a capitalist utopia. You could argue that many of the state's new companies are mainly fleeing intolerable hells, such as California. But Texas and Mr. Perry keep producing new welcome mats, notably the recent passage of a loser-pays tort-reform bill. Mr. Perry says Haley Barbour told him they'd need turnstiles on the border if that tort bill passed, and indeed the in-migration of doctors to Texas is significant.

I don't know if he can (or shoud) win, but if he runs, I'm at least glad he had the gumption to try.


Jazz One said...

'A Prophet is generally not loved in their hometown'- Governor Good Hair

MikeAT said...

From this morning's Houston Chronicle

Critics raise doubts over 'sanctuary cities' bill

Critics Wednesday said that a "sanctuary cities" bill barreling toward legislative approval in Austin will spark fear and mistrust among Hispanic residents, but do little to address illegal immigration in Texas.

The bill, approved by the Senate in the middle of the night Tuesday, would bar local governments from implementing policies prohibiting law enforcement officers from asking the immigration status of people they detain.

Gov. Rick Perry said in putting the measure on the special session agenda that law enforcement officers need such discretion. Opponents argue that it will lead to racial profiling and hamper law enforcement by discouraging people from reporting crimes or cooperating with police.

I think he will run....and God knows he would be light years ahead of the clown we have in office now.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to see Paul Ryan run for the presidency but I think Obama is going to win another term despite the state of the economy - the main stream media will see to that. Definitely Paul Ryan in 2016!