Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where is Weiner's Resignation?

Lord have mercy, but I'm tired of the Weiner story.  It's eaten up the entire top half of Memeorandum today.  If you're interested, there are some good pieces on the story and his apology yesterday.  Stacy McCain has a piece in American Spectator that clarifies the genesis of the story and the controversy if you came in late.  Pundette covers the apology quite nicely and has a roundup of relevant commentary and an followup of the lies.

And Oh! those tiresome headlines!

All I've got to say at this point is why wasn't a resignation included in his speech yesterday?  Republicans have been drummed out for much less!  But even if we don't go down that partisan trail, a married U. S. Representative sending lewd pictures and messages to young women who may or may not be of age (did he know?) certainly indicates poor judgment and a total lack of ethics.

This guy needs to go.  Now.


classic_film said...

You're absolutely correct, he should go. But he won't. Name one Democrat politician caught in a scandal who did the right thing. Sure, a number of Republicans who've been caught stayed in office, but many others resigned. I can't think of ONE Democrat who has taken the high road when exposed. But then, if they were capable of taking the high road in the first place... you gather my drift.

49erDweet said...

Why would someone who has no morals resign over a lack of morals issue? That seems to be the position taken the congress-critter and his "followers", and far be it from me to impose my world view on them.