Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday's Found Treasures

It's Friday and it's summer, so I hit a few estate sales and a couple of garage sales this morning.  Treasure hunting!  This is what I came home with:

At my first stop I picked up a large, heart shaped Belleek dish (like the one pictured left)  stillin the box.  It's the gold stamp (1981-1992) and it was still in the box.  I paid more than I wanted to ($20) but I can never leave Belleek behind.

At my next stop I got these cute turkey salt and pepper shakers:

I thought they were cute and I'll use them on Thanksgiving.  I paid $3 for them.

Then I got this green bowl in the Cherry Blossom pattern.  I paid $2 for it because there is a small chip on the rim.  A true collector would probably have left it, but I liked it and for $2, well..

It's the larger, 8-1/2 size.  It looks pretty in my china cabinet and that little chip means I won't be afraid to use it!

At my next stop I picked up this oval serving dish in Hocking's Miss America pattern:

I paid a hefty $18 for that one, but it's flawless and I love the pink.

My find of the day was these three goblets from Central Glass Works:

The pattern is 1426-1 and has floral etching on the bowl.  They're a gorgeous pink and flawless.  There were only three of them and I paid $5 each for them!   Central Glass works was in production from 1895 to 1939 so these are pretty old.  I love, love, love them!

Good day treasure hunting!  More expensive than usual, but I'm pleased.  

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Tina said...

I have pink depression glass! Most of it was my great grandmother's. It is such pretty stuff. I actually have, in pink, the same footed cherry blossom bowl you found in green - it is beautiful in green and I've not seen one before! Great find on your part.

Chips on glass are not as bad as on pottery. Did you know the chip can be polished smooth with emery cloth? The next time there's an antique show in a local mall or civic center, you will probably be able to find one booth that is set up to do just that: polish chips out of glass for people.

I'm with you on being able to happily use things! I have a collection of McCoy garden pottery that sits out on my porch. If it were perfect it would be too valuable to leave unsecured. But because every piece is damaged, I get to use it the way it was made to be used! :-)