Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charlie Sheen Wants to Meet With Obama

Charlie Sheen? Seriously?

Via Michelle Malkin, Charlie Sheen wants a meeting with Obama to discuss the 9/11 coverup. From the LATimes:

In an exclusive contact with the website, Sheen reveals 1) that he voted for Barack Obama in November and 2) that he [Sheen] has become convinced that the 9/11 attacks were an inside government job perpetrated by people inside government for inside and no doubt nefarious reasons. The idea being that Osama bin Laden and his posse were (maybe still are?) really working for the U.S. government to help justify faraway wars.

Oh dear.

You can read his fictional dream conversation with Obama here. He has written a letter to Obama requesting a meeting.

Maybe there's a job for Charlie in The White House. I hear Obama needs a few good czars.


nader paul kucinich gravel said...

Federal Reserve?

Ventura Sheehan Perot Paul Nader McKinney Kucinich Kaptur Gravel Gonzalez Clemente Choate Carter Baldwin Anderson

Mike said...

I think I found a better Charlie Sheen picture.

Red said...

'Czar'. Rhymes with 'bizzare.' At least that's one thing Van Jones and Sheen have in common. Maybe it's a job requirement.

Red said...

Forgive the typo.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Sheen and a lot of other liberals must have had the same thing happen to them as what happened to me when I was high school. Only I recovered.
One Friday night (during my senior year in high school and I was 18) the quarterback handed me the ball, and I rushed the line and was hit hard. Suddenly, my helmet flew off my head, three or four players from the other team came in to assist in the tackle, and I got my bell rung hard. I was loopy for several days.
Unfortunately, it was the Friday night before the 1976 election, and because of my temporary brain damage I voted for Jimmy Carter.
So, all you liberals, wear a helmet when it comes to protecting your brain.

Anonymous said...

I think you should watch who bashes the person instead of comments the arguments.
Standard procedure, not?
Think people!

poker rakeback said...

I am surprised that Charlie Sheen is just more than a great actor/gigolo. I applaud his efforts to go ahead with another investigation and get to the bottom of things.