Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Louisiana Delegation on ObamaCare

NOLA takes another look at how the Louisiana delegation is likely to vote on Obamacare; among them, Sen. Mary Landrieu who is supporting an alternate bill and has yet to say how she would vote on current proposals. She has said, however, that she does not support a public option.

Democratic Rep. Charlie Melancon (who is running against Vitter for Senate) wants overhaul but voted against the House bill in committee.

Lots of eyes on Rep. Joseph Cao who has said he can't vote for a plan that subsidizes abortion.

NOLA has a round-up of the rest.


Red said...

You are 'Today's Super Blogger'

Red said...

Mary Landrieu will vote for whatever the party says to vote for. Joseph Cao needs to break out a pair. Melancon is in a nasty battle with Vitter and is purported to be an "Obama man" but who knows how much of that is Vitter's campaign rhetoric. Landrieu sucks. She ignores the people.

G. R. said...

If you're waiting for Mary Landrieu to commit either way, you will be waiting a long, long time. She will not commit until she has She will not take a stand on an issue, because she has no core values.
Right now she is probably trying to secure a political favor from the Democrat powerhouses, and if she can't secure one, she's reading the political tea leaves.