Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Demonstrations?

Incredibly, just as on July 4, the White House is claiming to know nothing about today's March On Washington: "White House officials on Friday professed to know nothing of the planned demonstrations. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs queried reporters about the planners and their issues. 'I don't know who the group is,' he said with a shrug."

Is this administration that out of touch with the pulse of America? If so, it's a black mark for them. Or are they just being coy, trying to downplay the magnitude of the protest. A sort of, "We're not scared!" tactic? If that's the plan, it's also a poor choice.

To disregard these protesters, to blow them off and discount their voices shows poor leadership, indeed.

I suspect that by the end of the day, Gibbs and Company will know "who the group" is. It's a whole lot of American citizens who have something to say. Open the windows and listen, Obama!


LL said...

They are well dressed, they bathe, they write their own signs, they can't be REAL protesters. They're not led by the Republican Party - they aren't led by any party.

It's one of the first REAL protests our nation's capital has seen in a long time.

G. R. said...

Note to His Royal Arrogance, Humptey Dumptey Gibbs, and the liberals in Congress. Ignore these little annoying demonstrations, because they don't mean a thing. The real one is coming next November, and another one in November 2012.

Anonymous said...

Republicans exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 for their own political gain?

Why does that sound familiar?

jasperjava said...

To disregard these protesters, to blow them off and discount their voices shows poor leadership, indeed.

Tens of millions of people turned out in cities and towns all over the world on February 15, 2003 to protest the impending Iraq War, and yet your hero Dubya dismissed them as "focus groups".

Now THAT was leadership. If B*sh had listened to the protestors, more than 4,000 US troops would not have died for nothing. Never mind the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were slaughtered: we know that they don't count in your world.

Red said...

They know. Holding their fingers in their ears or covering their eyes isn't going to make a difference.

Cloud said...

Oh they know exactly the nature and size of yesterday's march but they are in reality denial mode. I was there from start to finish and spent the last two hours perched on the highest point around, Grant's statue. I have video showing people from the Capitol steps all the way to the Washington Monument...that's a mile! A continuous stream of marchers filled PA Ave for over two hours enroute from Freedom Plaza to the lawn in front of the Capitol. Not only does ZerO know it was huge but he is sure to have recordings of all speakers and satellite photos showing the mass of the crowd.

Average American said...

Tens of millions of people turned out... ...on February 15, 2003 to protest the impending Iraq War...

Sure they did jasperjava, sure they did. Talk about inflating the numbers!

Politicians who do not heed the warnings of this movement will be on unemployment next year. They can take that to the bank!