Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keeping Up With Those Wacky Obamas

Set the DVR! Michelle Obama is all set for her big premier on Sesame Street. In November, Michelle will travel to Sesame Street to educate the muppets on the benefits of growing your own vegetables, which she assures everyone, will be healthy and will taste great! No word if the Sesame Street garden has high levels of lead and had been fertilized with sludge.

And if you can't get enough of that First Couple, you can own the very seats they occupied in the Belasco Theater on their infamous New York Date Night last May! Yes, it's true! Seats K101 and K102 can be yours! Opening bids start at $500 and all proceeds go to a theater based charity group. You know, word is that after the Obamas attended the play, Joe Turner's Come and Gone, that ticket sales for the production doubled!

Meanwhile, the Obamas are using local school children as junior lobbyists for the 2016 Olympics, and are still refusing to answer questions about the funding and staffing for the official White House Olympics Office. Not to worry though, kiddos! On Thursday, the Obamas will jet off to Copenhagen to use their considerable persuasive charm on the IOC in hopes that the Olympics will soon come to The Windy City! Of course, not all Chicagoans are hoping for an Obama success story in that regard; there is the Chicagoans For Rio group who are, you guessed it, pulling for Rio!

And, never idle, those wacky Obamas went on a sightseeing tour Sunday evening with First Grandmother in tow as well as Maya Soetoro-Ng, the president's half-sister, her
husband, Konrad Ng, and their daughters Suhaila and Savita. They visited the Jefferson Memorial, where he stayed for ten minutes, and then the Washington Monument, where the group spent about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia.....

(Photo credit: New York Times: Richard Termine)


bluepitbull said...

He he...let's see if she says

"Daaaaam!! You's one big ass bird!!"

Sorry, couldn't help it...

MarySue said...

What's next for those whacky Obama's? Maybe a car trip to WallyWorld with a stop at the world's largest ball of twine.

G.R. said...

Using the chorus to an old Beach Boys song, "And the Obamas will have fun, fun, fun, till the electorate takes the White House away!"

2010, Yes We Can.

Hope and Change in 2012!