Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kevin Jennings: A Very Bizarre Czar

How many creepy czars can really be uncovered in the Obama White House? It's like a bizarre scavenger hunt. First Van Jones and now Kevin Jennings. Who is Kevin Jennings? He's the Safe Schools Czar.

Read the Fox article here for the run down.

Jennings is a piece of work. No doubt. Pamela Gellar blogged about him back in June. He's only now starting to catch a bit of attention.

The New American has an article on him in which they wrote the following:

Jennings is given to spouting foul language when speechifying about the opposition. He also admits to using deception when pushing a subversive agenda that would be rigorously opposed by the vast majority of Americans if honestly promoted under its true colors. What is Jennings agenda? Promoting homosexuality (in all its various permutations) under the guise of promoting "safe schools." Jennings, whose official title is the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Safe and Drug Free Schools is a career homosexual activist who founded the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and served as executive director for 14 years, until October 2008. For the past nearly two decades he has been a leading change agent for the cause of "queering" the nation's K-12 curriculum, and is largely responsible for instituting annual pro-homosexual propaganda programs such as the "Day of Silence" and "No Name-Calling Week" in hundreds of schools. (In using the term "queering," we are not disparaging or name-calling, but merely using a term adopted by Jennings and GLSEN & Company — when speaking amongst themselves, that is — to refer to their process of transforming society through the schools. Jennings wrote the foreword to Queering Elementary Education, an anthology by leading homosexual "educators.")

I've got more coming on Jennings but have to get back to the school now for more Homecoming decorating business. Go read up and I'll be back later!