Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stacy McCain is Going to Kentucky

Stacy McCain is now accepting donations to fund his trip to Kentucky in an attempt to bring some decent, honest journalism to the story of the murder of Bill Sparkman (pictured left).

The Sparkman case has the internet all abuzz and rampant speculation is in full swing. Stacy McCain placed a couple of phone calls to Kentucky and found that, hell yeah, they're concerned about what some morons are writing on the internet. Professor Jacobson attempted to point this out earlier in the week as well.

Nobody knows anything much for sure at this point and irresponsible speculation doesn't help anyone. As McCain points out, Sparkman at least deserves some respect (he was a veteran reporter in Florida for a decade).

I'm not going to repeat the goofy speculation here; it's out there for you to find if you really want to. But I will say that for Andrew Sullivan to suggest that what happened to Sparkman is the result of "Southern populist terrorism" is well...beyond the pale. WTF is that, anyway?!

So far everyone from Glenn Beck to Michelle Bachmann has been blamed. How long before they throw Sarah Palin in the mix? Or I have I missed that one?

How about everyone take a break and let the police sort it out? And help Stacy get to Kentucky!

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(Photo credit: The Ledger)

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Left Coast Rebel said...

I support this totally and am sending him a few $$$'s. Thanks for pointing to this.